5 Chili Recipes to Warm Up With

The weather outside is frightful... and so cold! So to warm things up inside, I'm making a big pot of chili with an extra kick of heat. Aside from soups, chili is a nice alternative with more body, depth of flavor and overall, a heartier meal With football season also in full swing, a good bowl of chili is a great to enjoy while watching the game. Here are 5 Chili Recipes to Warm Up With this winter!...
This chili make look tame but the real heat sneaks up on you. Made with three types of chili, this packs on the heat but you can certainly tailor it to lessen the sting...

A clone at best, this chili includes the use of non-traditional spices
along with a very specific way to eat it!

Hearty, beefy and one that will definitely hit the spot.
It's also great the following day when the flavors really meld.

This takes southwestern flavors into a pot and
is delicious with all the popular southwestern garnishes...

Chili Beef Sliders
Not quite a chili recipe, but a fun way to enjoy chili outside of a bowl!


  1. Wonderful post. Who doesn't love a good chili!

  2. Those Chili Beef Sliders look delicious. I have added to my menu for next week! Thanks :)