Joely Cakes... now available at retail stores!

So the recent grease fire we had at the restaurant has left us out of commission for a bit while everything gets renovated. Before the fire, one of the projects I started working on was developing my 'tropical cupcake' line highlighting Filipino flavors. Not only were my cupcakes going to be on our restaurant dinner menu, but also sold in our retail grocery store. Going even further, the cupcakes would also be sold at wholesale to local Filipino grocery stores. The idea was to have my retail cupcake line separate from the restaurant.

As for the name, Joely Cakes, I named my baked goods line after my son
since our nickname for him is "Joely Joel." It made sense to name it after him somehow since he was what encouraged me to really pursue what I've always wanted to do. Another reason was to tie him closer to his Filipino culture and food.

And now it's finally happened! I
made my first batch of Joely Cakes for retail sale and they're now available for purchase at Three R's Grocery with other local stores in line soon to sell them too!  Although for the retail stores I'm highlighting tropical Filipino flavors, I can certainly do other flavors as well. Right now, I'm supplying the store with my Joely Cakes in time for the weekends since that's when there's the most traffic. If all goes well and they take off, I'll slowly start supplying the store with them to carry through the week. I hope to offer more flavors in the future and I'm happy to take private orders too. At least this is keeping me busy and in the kitchen while we're waiting for our kitchen and dining room renovation to finish. So stay tuned... this sweet culinary adventure is just starting!

You can find my Joely Cakes at:
Three R Filipino Grocery & Cafe
2712 W. Montrose Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

Here's my 'Tropical Trio' featuring
Ube (purple yam), Mango, & Buko Pandan (coconut screwpine) cupcakes...


  1. Aah.. I bet the pandan kind is delicious!!! ;-) I grew up eating pandan cakes; and can't remember the last time I had them!

  2. WOW!!!! I wish I could buy those here in Pittsburgh!

  3. That is so awesome. Congratulations on your latest success!

  4. Those look amazing! I wish Iived in chicago.

  5. Congratulations on making your dreams come true! Best wishes to you, I hope I can buy them one day out here in California!

  6. hi joelen
    i wish we had those in san diego!

    congrats on joely cakes!!!! how awesome!