10 Dishes for The Oscar's Best Picture Nominees

This coming Sunday is a big night for those in the film industry. The 83rd Annual Academy Awards will have people tuned in to see who gets a coveted Oscar... will you be watching? If you are, get in on the fun by preparing some dishes to enjoy on the special night! Here are 10 Dishes for The Oscar's Best Picture Nominees...

 In this fun animated movie, Andy's toys may have a hot, fiery situation on their hands.
But for you, these poppers have just enough heat to keep you going back for more...

127 Hours - Chili Beef Sliders
Based on a true story, a man is pinned under a boulder & barely slides out free.
But you'll enjoy sliding these down because they're addictive & can't have just one!

The Fighter - Homemade Irish Bangers
 “Irish” Micky Ward battles in and out of the boxing ring to redeem his family’s pride.
It seems only fitting to make these Homemade Irish Bangers to cheer him on!

Winter's Bone - Stuffed Pork Chops
Sometimes secrets are tucked away deep in a dark place and once learned, it makes all
the difference. The same applies for these pork chops filled with delicious secrets.

The King's Speech - Australian Shaved Fennel Salad
A sassy Australian helps a reluctant king to overcome his paralyzing fear of speaking
so he can lead his country in a time of war. This salad pays tribute to that Aussie!

Social Network - Snicker Surprise Cookies
This film is all about making friends through Facebook.
You'll make quite a few friends with these cookies too!

Dreams come alive in this film not just once, but twice.
So have twice as much chocolate in these cookies...

The Kids Are All Right - Mom's Zucchini Bread
The complexities of marriage and family are tested in this film but in the end,
moms are appreciated and loved. Why not make a recipe of mom's to share?

This dark movie about ballerinas has quite a performance.
Make this show stopper dessert, named after a famous ballet dancer!

True Grit - Spiked Sweet Tea 
Like all American westerns, cowboys like their whiskey.
Why not add a splash of it in this sweet tea? 


  1. Love the recipes and how you applied them to all the movies!

  2. Very clever! Makes me want to have a party just to make these fine recipes.

  3. What an adorable idea to pair food with the movies! Love it!