12 Recipes to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2011

My husband is part Chinese and so we usually celebrate that side of his family during Chinese New Year. This year, Chinese New Year falls on February 4, 2011. But you don't have to be Chinese to get in on the fun! Have your own celebration by preparing something Chinese inspired, whether it's an authentic recipe or inspired by one. To help you out, here are 12 Recipes to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2011 with along with other entertaining ideas to ring in the year of the rabbit!...

Make Chinese New Year 2011, the year of the rabbit, a fun one by gathering friends and family. Aside from trying out one of the recipes below, here are some other food fun ways to celebrate:



  1. Happy Chinese New Year right back at cha!

  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai! They all look delicious!