A Weekly Serving - 2/19/2011

What a busy week it's been but overall, well worth it! Before I type away with some personal musings...

Here's what I cooked up in the kitchen this past week...

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My weekly musings on Family, Food and Fun...

Family -
  Some big news - we moved back to the city! After a few months of commuting to and from  the burbs into the city, we finally had enough and decided to move back. It was our plan for awhile but we took our time looking for a place to call home, especially with our little one in tow. We were fortunate enough to find a place near the restaurant and it's a very family friendly neighborhood. Our original plan was to move at the end of the month but since my husband got a new job that started sooner than later, all our moving plans had to get bumped up so it wouldn't coincide with his work schedule.

Overall it was a very smooth move, thanks to my parents who watched Joel while we worked on moving and settling in. We got everything done in a few days and for the most part, we've settled. We still have a few things back in the suburbs that we have yet to pick up but all our important personal belongings are now home with us. I will say that I'm tired of moving and hopefully we won't move for a few more years. At least we've agreed that the suburban life (at least that far north of Chicago) isn't for us and we thrive when we're closer to the city.

Aside from our move, Joel is doing wonderfully. He had his 9 month appointment this past week and is right on target! Since he was born a month in advance, our pediatrician is gauging his growth and development one month behind to cut him some slack. So despite being 9 months, he's exactly where he needs to be (if not more advanced) as an 8 month old. Here's his latest pic...

Food/Restaurant News - This past week, we played in the kitchen with some Filipino Tacos. They're simply Filipino inspired meat fillings served up in corn tortillas and complimenting sauces/salsas. I thought they came out great and I hope we can add them to our menu at some point. It's a great way to take a well known concept and put a Filipino twist on it!

Yesterday we had a Filipino Cuisine Tasting event at Whole Foods. It was a great turnout with a full house and it was wonderful seeing familiar and new faces. I set up the event to help promote the restaurant and grocery store while the kitchen is being renovated. I must admit that it's been a few months since I hosted an event because most of my time has been focused on the restaurant. However since we're waiting on the renovations to be finished, I've gotten quite a few requests to do more of my events. I had a great time doing it and most likely will teach some culinary classes, host a few neighborhood food tours and just have fun doing events again. Being back in the city will certainly make it easier! In fact, I got booked to do a few culinary events for some private groups and even got some catering orders for the next few weeks.

Fun - We started out the week with Valentine's Day, which really is just a 'Hallmark Holiday' for us. We did celebrate with a nice dinner out and the day after, we went to a special food and wine tasting at Bin36, a great restaurant and wine bar downtown. It was great to have a night to ourselves... we need more date nights every now and then!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead!

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  1. Welcome back to the city! I'm glad you guys found a place that works for you!