15 Appetizers for a Mexican Fiesta

We're counting down to Cinco de Mayo celebrations here! If you like Mexican cuisine as much as we do, stay tuned as I'll be posting some favorites up until Cinco de Mayo next week. Let's kick it off with some starters. Whether you're throwing a little fiesta or not, these all make for great snacks any time of year. Here are 15 Appetizers for a Mexican Fiesta or just to snack on!

Corn, Black Beans & Beef Empanadas
A mixture of corn, beans and beef make these quite filling!...

Beef & Cheese Empanadas
Filled with seasoned ground beef & cheese, it's sure to please...

Mini Baked Beef Burritos
These mini versions are perfect for snacking!

 Spicy Beef Nachos
Layered with seasoned beef, cheese, chips and topped with salsa & avocado...

 Chicken Nachoes
These are a great alternative to beef and just as delicious!

 Spicy Lime & Honey Wings
These has a slight kick while the honey sweetens things up...

 Mojo Chicken Wings
both orange and lime juice made these sooo good!...

 Classic Ceviche
A Rick Bayless recipe that's refreshing & light...

 Acapulco-Style Shrimp Cocktail
Lime juice and cilantro really make the shrimps shine in this dish...

 Beef & Chorizo Sopes
These little masa boats are topped with a seasoned beef & chorizo mixture...

 Tangy Green Guacamole
This is much more refreshing and flavorful than the traditional guacamole

 Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
Forget those frozen boxes of the prepared stuff at the store, these are so much better!

 Southwestern Eggrolls
Make these popular appetizers at home... it's easy and taste much better!

 Southwest Chicken Rolls
Here's a great snack that even the kids will love...

 Taco Pizza Squares
Once on the table, these will disappear faster than you think!...

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  1. Thanks for posting all the great Cinco de Mayo recipes! I LOVE empanadas...haven't had them since I was in Buenos Aires, but love them nonetheless!