Make it Natural, Make it Fun!

Earth Day just passed and lately, I've been thinking of ways to get on board with being more green, incorporating more natural products in our home, preparing more wholesome, natural foods, and enjoy life without the unnecessary chemicals and preservatives. It seems like the more I look, there's so many great natural products out there! If you're like me who's looking for a more natural way of living or at least, incorporating more natural products for your family, join me for a Twitter Party! I'll be hosting a 'Make it Natural, Make it Fun' Twitter Party while I snack on some all natural Frito Lay chips. We'll chat live about our favorite natural products for the home, our favorite natural foods and snacks, and share some tips on leading a more green lifestyle!

'Make it Natural, Make it Fun' Twitter Party!

When: Thursday, April 28, 2011 @ 8pm EST / 7pm CST
Where: #NaturalFun tag on Twitter
Who: Be sure to follow me @WC_Chicago and @FritoLay. We will also be joined by representatives from Frito-Lay who will be available to answer your questions. We’d also like to extend a very special welcome to the Frito-Lay Fans who will be joining us!

Speaking of natural foods, one of my favorite all natural snacks are from Frito-Lay. They've a delicious job revamping their product line made with all natural ingredients such as potatoes or corn, all natural oils and salt. With zero grams of trans fat and plenty of offerings packed with whole grain, Frito-Lay offers smarter ways to snack!

While we’re chatting about natural products and making greener lifestyle choices, we’ll have 3 giveaways, compliments of Frito Lay!
Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.  The first three people to tweet using the #NaturalFun hashtag during the event will win a bag of Artisan Recipe chips!

To help jump start the party, the first 25 readers that RSVP below will receive
a bag of Tostitos Artisan Recipes: Roasted Garlic & Black Bean Chips!

RSVP – Planning on attending? Let us know here! Click the green text below. A new window will pop up requesting your first name and URL. Your URL is your full Twitter URL i.e.

Make it Natural, Make it Fun! Participants
1. @WC_Chicago (Joelen)
2. Emily Zuker
3. Debbie
4. Samantha
5. Kristen
6. Kristen
7. HezziD
8. @ChunkyMonkeyMD
9. @StaysAtHomeDad
10. mom4everANDEVER
11. @breaduh
12. @momofbestbay
13. @suelynn1956
14. @cin_20
15. @lilac_the_bunny
16. @Kailey2004
17. @freshbananas
18. @beeacutie2
19. @DreamFog
20. @everywheresafe
21. Shihtzuation
22. @tiffany053p
23. @bobisyellow
24. @mamasarahjane
25. @wldflowur13
26. @lovinmomma8
27. @OhioCatfish
28. @sunrae17
29. @mellanhead
30. @LLLSummer
31. @purplelover04
32. @SereneMoments
33. @JoeyfromSC
34. @wiffieward
35. @jillyrh
36. @matkeltri
37. @kamewh
38. @livelovelynn
39. @lolamichele
40. @elivya
41. @Neekyme
42. Jason Porter


  1. I LOVE those chips and I am always looking for a way to eat/cook healthier and more natural! See you there #NaturalFun

  2. Sounds like fun! see you there! #NaturalFun

  3. I am excited to find new ways for healthier eating. Can't wait!

  4. will be there mom4everandever..did rsvp

  5. Left a comment w/wrong info - sorry! :( I'll be there. @shihtzuation

  6. How generous of Frito Lay for the free bag of chips just for rsvp'ing..I saw them on a commercial..they look great!!


    @JoeyfromSC on twitter