Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thin Mint Truffles

Article first published as Thin Mint Truffles on Blogcritics.
I'm pretty sure somewhere in the world, a cute little Girl Scout is selling her cookies... and people are going crazy over them. Well, I'm not sure how many folks really go crazy over them but I know I've been guilty of buying my fair share of boxes of Girl Scout cookies. After polishing off a box or two enjoyed as is, I realized I could have some fun with them by incorporating them in other recipes. My friend Megan must have read my mind because she made these Thin Mint Truffles the other day. If you're looking for a new, fun way to eat your Girl Scout cookies, you should check out this recipe!...

As much as the cookies are delicious as is, they're just as much fun and delicious to play with in the kitchen. These truffles only require a bit of cream cheese and the cookies - that's it! Simply process the cookies down to crumbs and combine with softened cream cheese. Roll them into a bite-sized ball, chill and then devour. Not a fan of Thin Mint cookies? No worries! Try the recipe using your favorite cookie, Girl Scout ones or one from the store. Happy Truffling!
Thin Mint Truffles

1/2 box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (1 sleeve) + 3 cookies
4 oz Cream Cheese, softened

In a food processor, process 1 sleeve of Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies until they resemble course sand.

Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and add the cream cheese. Mix together by hand until fully incorporated. Scoop out by the tablespoon (or use a small scoop) and roll into a nice ball in your hands to form truffles.

Pulse the extra 3 cookies in the food processor until it resembles course sand and place in a small bowl. Roll the truffles in the processed cookie crumbs to coat.

Chill coated truffles for at least an hour to set up.... or overnight for flavors to really develop with the cream cheese.