14 Burger Recipes to Grill Up!

This weekend will be when many folks will dust off their grill and start grilling! If there's one thing that I love to grill, it's burgers. It doesn't matter if it's beef, chicken, turkey or even veal... there's something about grilling these patties and enjoying them in between a soft bun topped with various ingredients. If you're looking for some new ways to prepare some burgers, here are 14 Burger Recipes to Grill Up!...

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  1. You forgot one! Living in Glendale, California that has a very large Armenian population, we make Lula Kebob Burgers, with Swiss cheese, grilled onion, and alfalfa sprouts on a kaiser roll.

    Lula Kebob is ground meat, usually a mixture of beef and lamb, with paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, and some secret ingredients only the butcher knows - and of course, each butcher's recipe is a little different.

    We also like chicken Lula Kebob burgers, but we make those into cigar shapes and put them on a hot dog bun with grilled onion, pepper and tomato.