Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Presents for Everyone!

Hi! Normally I don't post on Sundays, but today is a special day. It's my birthday! I don't know about you, but growing up, I thought it was always awkward opening up gifts at my birthday party in front of people. I've always felt that way, even as a kid. Perhaps it's because friends and family just kind of sat around and watched... and I'm sure after awhile, it got boring. Besides, it's more fun if everyone opened up a gift too, right? On the same token, opening up birthday presents is just like reviewing products. I feel awkward reviewing food related products just to throw out on this site. Wouldn't it be more fun if you also got to review the same products? Well, since it's my birthday, I'm giving out blog presents so it's not so awkward for me and more fun for you!

I'll be posting a food related product review on Sundays (as they become available) and with each one, I'll be giving away the same item to a lucky reader. Similar to my Foodie Fridays I hosted every week in 2009, readers can comment for their chance to receive the same products I'm reviewing. Check in on Sunday to read my product review and find out what the giveaway is, along with details on how to enter. The winner will be randomly chosen by Random.Org's Interger Generator based on the number of their comment. As of right now, I have quite a few giveaways lined up for you... yay!

Full Disclosure: The giveaways are sponsored by the same company that provided me with the food related product to review. Products I review and offer as a giveaway are ones I personally recommend and would use/enjoy myself.

So to kick off my Sunday Fun Day Giveaways, how about some chocolate? The folks of TLCommunications reached out to me and sent me a lovely box of Edward Marc Chocolates. How could I resist?!

In the nine decades sine Edward Marc Chocolatier was first founded, the Edwards family has handed down the traditions and techniques of fine chocolate making from father to son, and mother to daughter, with each successive generation prospering upon the exact recipe that was perfected in 1914.

Edward Marc Chocolatier proudly continues the family tradition by selecting the finest ingredients and handcrafting the highest quality chocolates, whether it be for their decadent best-selling Gourmet Chocolate Collections or personalized treats crafted for special occasions.

The box of chocolate I received included 3 large chocolates: Milk, White and Dark.

The Milk Chocolate (Peanut Butter Meltaway) was topped with a drizzle of peanut butter and filled with smooth peanut butter good! It really was a perfect ration of chocolate and peanut butter.

The White Chocolate (Mocha Meltaway) was topped with a single coffee bean and filled with an espresso infused meltaway center. The combination worked well and left a lingering taste of white chocolate mocha.

The Dark Chocolate (Vanilla Salt Caramel) was topped with a sprinkling of sea salt and filled with a buttery caramel. The play of sweet and salty makes this one for your taste buds to enjoy.

Out of the three, I really don't know which is my favorite. I wish I had more to keep tasting so I can declare the one I liked the best! But overall, I found these filled chocolates to be smooth and creamy, a sign of perfect tempering. The flavor combinations were nicely done and I'm looking forward to trying out the other chocolate confections they have to offer.

Aside from assorted chocolates, Edward Marc also have a tempting line of truffles, vanilla salt caramels, chocolate barks, and other classic chocolate treats. They're based out of Pittsburgh, PA and have other locations in the Washington DC area... so if you're in that part of the world, definitely stop by and have a taste. (I hear the Pittsburgh location is both a chocolate and ice cream shop. Yum.) So if you want to indulge in some Edward Marc chocolate (you know you do!), come join in on my first Sunday Fun Day Giveaway...

Some guidelines:
- Giveaway is only for those who live in the United States - my apologies to my international readers!
- You must have a valid email address (within your comment or blog link) so that you can be contacted if you win.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment answering:
What is your favorite chocolate dessert?

Deadline: Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 12 midnight CST.

One winner will be randomly chosen by Random.Org's Interger Generator based on the number of your comment and will be announced on Friday, May 6, 2011. Good luck!