A Weekly Serving - 5/1/2011

This week definitely flew by! I hope you had a great week yourself. Here's my weekly musings on family, food, and fun...
Family - Joel is 51 weeks old this week and only 1 more weeks until he turns 1 year old... EEK! This is a special weekend since it's my birthday weekend! I turned the big, whopping 35 years old... but I'm still very much young at heart. Joel certainly makes me feel young since we enjoy playing with his toys together every day, not to mention all the children's songs we sing! For my birthday, we just spent time with family and had lunch and dinner out.

Foodie News - Coming up is the National Restaurant Show here in Chicago. I missed the deadline of buying tickets at 50% off, but one of my wonderful friends, Megan, was so kind to get me a ticket! I'm looking forward to attending this year and check out all the industry trends, nosh of food and learn more about what's up and coming in the world of food and restaurants. I'm also in the process of adding some recipes here in a couple of weeks. The recipes I'll be featuring on What's Cookin, Mama are foods I've made for Joel and adapted a bit for his food stage. I'll share some tips on how to squeeze in some extra servings of fruits and veggies into kid friendly food, tricks that I use to provide Joel a well balanced meals and how I make food fun and interesting to him. I'm certainly taking advantage of this time because I know down the road there will come a time when Joel will be a picky eater (so I've been told, so I'm preparing myself!) So whatever flavors, textures, smells and colors I can introduce him to through food will hopefully help broaden his palate.

I've also been busy scheduling playdates and food related events with my new social moms group, What's Cookin, Mama. We had our first event cancelled due to all the rain we've been having all week so hopefully next week will work out. For that, we'll be meeting at the Green City {Farmers} Market which will debut outdoors for the first time this season. I'm crossing fingers Mother Nature will be kind and keep it dry with some sun.

So aside from the foodie posts I'll be including here and the weekly outings of our What's Cookin, Mama social group, our Saturday afternoons are also food friendly with kids! Joel's got his extended family coming over to play usually on Saturday afternoons. There's about 6 kids and their ages range from 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old. They love learning and helping out in the kitchen (yay!). As a result, I've planned some fun upcoming cooking and baking activities with them. I'll be sharing there here with hopes that they encourage you to try them with your kids!

There you have it - my What's Cookin, Mama blog is going to be fun for me to share my kiddie kitchen adventures and I hope readers enjoy it!

Fun - With that, the kids came over this weekend to celebrate by birthday along with Justin (my nephew/Joel's cousin). Justin's birthday was on April 26 and mine is on May 1st. My mother in law was kind enough to bring us a cake and Rochelle (mom of the other kiddies) brought ice cream. As for lunch, I took care of that... kinda. I had the kids come into the kitchen and we had ourselves a little pizza making class. They made the dough and topped them off before baking. Everyone had a great time and after lunch, we worked it off at the nearby park. When we got tired, we came back home and indulged in some birthday cake and ice cream. What a great birthday weekend! Here are some pics... & stay tuned - I'll be sharing more details about our kiddie pizza session along with recipes!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead!

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