Jarritos Tasting & Review

Not too long ago, friends came over for a Mexican inspired dinner. We enjoyed quite a feast of chicken tacos, black beans & rice, chips, guacamole and mango sorbet. (Recipes coming soon!) To add some fun to our dinner, I also included Jarritos soft drinks and had a tasting of quite a few flavors. If you're not familiar with Jarritos, it's a soft drink largely popular within Mexican culture.
More than fifty years ago, Jarritos was introduced as Mexico’s first national soft drink. Today, Jarritos is the leading brand in the US in the Mexican soft drink category and has become a Mexican cultural icon. Whether it is the distinctive glass bottle or the 12 unique and great fruit flavors, Jarritos can be found throughout the US in major and independent grocery stores, Mexican restaurants, taquerias, catering trucks and convenience stores. Jarritos flavors are a reflection of Mexico in its array of traditional Mexican flavors made with 100% natural sugar including: Tamarind, Mandarin, Fruit Punch, Jamaica, Lime, Grapefruit, Guava, Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon, and Lemon-Lime.
Jarritos was kind enough to provide me with a large sampling above including:

Fruit Punch
Jamaica (Hibiscus flower)
Mexican Cola
What makes Jarritos unique is that these sodas are more carbonated than the usual soft drinks here in the United States but more importantly, they are sweetened with natural sugar cane instead of high fructose corn syrup... something I definitely appreciate. The sodas really tasted like the flavors they were named. Here's how we described each of the sodas:

Guava - A subtle sweetness with a light refreshing aftertaste.
Fruit Punch - Sweet and candy like!
Strawberry - Tastes just like liquid strawberry hard candies.
Jamaica (Hibiscus flower) - A floral aroma with a unique flavor... almost like a sweet floral tea.
Mango - Unmistakeable mango flavor that's not too sweet.
Tamarind - An acquired taste... if you like tamarind candy, you'll love this!
Mexican Cola - Just like cola soda but better without HFCS!
Pineapple - Another favorite of the group with a light and refreshing flavor.
Lime - True lime flavor without being too sweet.
Grapefruit - Refreshing and a nice blend of citrus notes.

This summer, there will be quite a few grilling parties... some of which I plan on hosting with a Mexican theme. You can be sure I'll have Jarritos on hand to wash things down! I love that they come in a variety of flavors where everyone can find one they like. So if you're looking for something different than the usual beer and sodas for summer gatherings, give Jarritos a try and make your next party a little more colorful and tastier!

Full Disclosure: Jarritos provided me with a sampling of their products in exchange for this review. Though this review was sponsored, all of the opinions expressed above are mine alone.


  1. I love Jarritos, I'm surprised they didn't give you far my most favorite flavor. You throw the most amazing theme parties!!!

  2. Here in Spain, the only ones I have seen at supermarket are lime and tamarind, I have taste lime one and is really great to make a cocktail.
    About tamarind, I haven't never taste it, so we were a little cautious about making experiments. Reading you, I'd like to taste the jamaica :)