A Weekly Serving - 4/23/2011

This week definitely flew by! I hope you had a great week yourself. Here's my weekly musings on family, food, and fun...

Family - Joel is 50 weeks old this week and only 2 more weeks until he turns 1 year old... it's crazy how quickly this countdown is going! This past week was pretty busy. I've been bogged down with lots of work around the house, having family drop in almost every other day, and just trying to balance things. I need a break! Thankfully, when my parents are visiting, I get some time to myself and just work a bit on things online.

Food/Restaurant News - It's been quite a journey with this restaurant. More often than not, I haven't been too pleased with the way it's been going. There's been quite a few red flags raised with the whole ordeal and it's now at the point where I need to step back and re-evaluate whether this is where I want to be. I guess I'm very much 'by the book' and have a certain way of dealing business where I'm super anal about details, followup/execution and thinking 5 steps ahead with potential consequences. Given the circumstances and my experience the last couple of months with the restaurant, it's time to break off my ties. I value my time, effort and professional reputation so I'm disassociating myself from the restaurant. Besides, I've been so busy with my own culinary endeavors before, during and well after this whole restaurant thing happened that it's no loss to me. Now I'll have more time to focus on all my other stuff and more importantly, family. I'm still catering privately, teaching culinary classes and doing other things with major food companies/corporations to keep me busy for awhile. So, stay tuned to see what things I'm working on!

Fun - It's Easter weekend and we're spending it with family. My parents and in-laws are stopping by and we'll probably eat out since I'm way too tired to prepare a meal this year. (And I secretly don't want to be in the kitchen catering to family.) Here's some pics from Joel's little Easter photo shoot. The basket is merely a prop since we aren't big on giving Joel sugar sweets or little knick knack toys. Trust me, this kiddie has enough toys in every single room of the house and we didn't even buy a single one of them!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead!