A Weekly Serving - 5/7/2011

This week definitely flew by! I hope you had a great week yourself. Here's my weekly musings on family, food, and fun...

Family - Joel is now 52 weeks old/12 months old this week.. YAY! We survived the first year as parents and Joel is still in one piece! Tomorrow is his first birthday and we couldn't be happier. As a result of this big milestone, it's now time for Joel to have his first haircut. I was so anxious to get his hair cut because it's constantly in his eyes and face. But now all that waiting is over - snip, snip, snip! Here are pics of Joel's first haircut...

Today we started out with some retail therapy and then came back home for lunch. We'll be headed out soon once Louis comes home to run some errands. As for tomorrow, it's Mother's Day and Joel's 1st birthday. We'll be celebrating with family after going to church. Joel's all set for his big day with a spiffy new outfit one of his grandmas got him and in the evening, he'll be changing into another outfit the other grandma got him. Must be nice to have so many planned clothing change on your special day, huh? :)

Joel's doing great these days. He's now off of formula and took to whole milk like a champ. It helped that we've slowly introduced him to milk gradually over the past month so the switch was easy. When it comes to solid food, he's definitely got the appetite. Joel seems to love everything we offer him and I've had so much fun preparing balanced meals for him. He's also eaten so many different things and various cuisines - which is so different from what I had growing up. I'm all for introducing new flavors, textures and cuisines to him early since I had to wait until high school/college to learn and appreciate non-Asian cuisines. Being Asian also automatically gives him the opportunity to try some strange and unique food, so he's going to have quite a palate at a young age!

When it comes to play and learning, Joel is now clapping on demand and opening/closing his hands on demand.

He's mastered the 'yummy' or 'happy face' which looks like this but with more of a smile and a squishy face lol...

And when he's out and about, he's super friendly often greeting folks with a 'hai' and a hand wave... sometimes even a hug. He's also added a new word to his vocab, 'up!' with a gesture for him to be pulled up or carried. It's not yet consistent but he does it intermittently. But my most favorite of his gesture of them all is 'Mama Kiss' and 'Dada Kiss'. With that, he leans into our faces with a slightly open mouth, just wanting to plant a big wet, slobbery kiss on you. I've noticed Joel is more loving and affectionate early in the morning and at the end of the day just before bed.

Speaking of which, he's definitely got a magnetic pull with me. You'd think after spending all day with me, he's be anxious to spend time with his daddy once he gets home from work. But no such luck. After a short period with his daddy, Joel's back to looking for me and wanting my attention.

Overall, I'm so thankful that we survived the first year as parents. It certainly wasn't easy and I'm sure having a toddler has a whole new set of challenges waiting for us. The fun just never ends I guess! Here are some pics we took today. Looking at the pictures of him carrying his little sheepie toy makes me choke up a bit. To think our little Joel was just about the same size of that toy when he was born amazes me...

Foodie News - The kitchen is backed up this week. I was without my camera all week because of a slight accident. My camera suffered some damage after a fall on the floor, causing the lens, body and my external flash to be repaired. Thankfully it cost far less than what it would have cost me to purchase a whole new set... and the lovely folks at Nikon had all my camera equipment repaired in 2 days. Now, my little Nikon is all set to go and ready to shoot some food! But while it was out of commission, I had to put a hold on some of the foodie goodness I wanted to take pics of. It worked out great since my parents were visiting all week and we ended up eating out a lot. I guess I should take advantage of the time with my parents since they will be leaving in 2 weeks to go back overseas for several months. At least my blog is set up where I have scheduled recipe posts for the next month and could manage my blog without doing anything until early June. :)

Fun - This weekend is just all about spending time with family since we have much to be thankful for. All the moms and mother figures we have in life are being celebrated for all they have done. Now more than ever do I realize what being a mom really entails. It's certainly not an easy job and more often than not, it's a thankless job. So please celebrate those wonderful moms and mother figures in your life!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a great week ahead!


  1. Oh my goodness he is absolutely precious Joelen. He billows with joy!!!

    Happy Birthday to that wholesome gift of yours and a wonderful Mother's Day to you!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. It made my night! Drop by when you get a chance...Louise

  2. Aww, that's one adorable yummy face!! Time have a 1 year old!! Happy Birthday Joel!