What's Cookin, Chicago's Frito Lay Promo Videos!

If you're like many folks who celebrated the official start of summer during this Memorial Day Holiday Weekend, you may have picked up a bag or two of chips to enjoy. For me, Frito Lay Natural Chips have a special meaning, especially since I had the opportunity to visit the Frito Lay Flavor Kitchen in Plano, TX a couple months ago. While there, I met two lovely foodie mom bloggers - Leslie of The Hungry Housewife and Michelle of The Domestic Mama. Together we hit it off and had the time of our lives shooting a Frito Lay promotional video! You can read more about my Frito Lay experience here. Now here are the final products of our long day in front of the camera... Thank you Frito Lay for a wonderful, delicious and natural time!

What's Cookin, Chicago Visits the Frito Lay Flavor Kitchen

Mommy Bloggers Visit the Frito Lay Flavor Kitchen

Mommy Bloggers Learn About Frito Lay's All-Natural Snacks

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