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Sunday Fun Day Giveaway: Rizzuto's Pizza Party & Last Week's Winners!

Happy Sunday! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and it was full of some tasty summer eats. We've been enjoying spending time with family and friends along with tying together food. Besides, food is a great way to bring people together, right? But more on that later! Last week I featured the wonderful products of Flatout Breads. Their flatbreads, wraps and crisps are not only delicious with the assortment of flavors they offer, but good for you too! A special thanks to Flatout for sponsoring last week's giveaway. Here's a big Congratulations to the winner of this past week's giveaway! Please shoot me an email at [email protected] to claim your prize...
FlatOut Bread
Winner: Comment #22!
So I previously mentioned how food is a great way to bring people together. It's one of the reasons why I love entertaining so much. A popular food most everyone likes is pizza, right? And because of that love of pizza, it's a popular food to serve at parties. I've even had my share of hosting pizza parties with friends and family! Well, the lovely folks of Rizzuto Foods Inc. must have stumbled on my love of pizza and parties. They recently contacted me to try some of their parbaked pizza crusts. Now I'm a big fan of making my own pizza dough from scratch but I can certainly appreciate saving time in the kitchen if it doesn't sacrifice quality and flavor. But Rizzuto Foods know all about quality and flavor...
Rizzuto's parbaked pizza crusts are crafted in the Northwest using traditional baking methods and no chemical leavening. We start with quality ingredients including flour, milled from wheat grown on the Northern plains, pure mountain water and fresh yeast. These ingredients lay the foundation for premium baked goods. Using a traditional process of shaping the crusts to size, by either "cold" pressing or handcrafting, we then allow for abundant fermentation or "proof" time to naturally impart flavor and texture. Quality ingredients coupled with old world baking traditions are what create a parbaked pizza crust that keeps your customers coming back for more pizza.
So when Rizzuto sent me a box of their original and garlic herb parbaked pizza crusts to try out, I gave them a shot. I will say that the pizza crusts did come in handy a few times because there were nights I didn't have much time to play in the kitchen and needed dinner on the table quickly! It was super easy for me to just use up a hodge podge of ingredients I had on hand to whip up a pizza. In fact, here's a little bit more information on the lovely pizza kits I received:
Each Rizzuto's Pizza Starter Kit comes with multiple crusts of your choice, plus individual packets of Papa Joe's Secret Pizza Sauce. Just add your own favorite toppings to complete the ultimate pie! Don't have room in your freezer? No problem! Our hearty crusts and sauce are packaged to last up to one month without refrigeration, and up to six months with refrigeration. Our crusts come "partially baked", so now you can have hot, delicious,home-baked pizza in under ten minutes...
Now when I make my own crusts, I often like to add additional flavors such as garlic, fresh herbs, cheese, etc. Not to mention, we like to vary the types of pizza crusts too - everything from thin, pan, thick, and of course, deep dish. I was pleasantly surprised to know that Rizzuto's  had all their bases covered. They offer 8 different types of crusts...
Handcrafted - Handcrafted pizza crusts are truly a handmade masterpiece. We start with a focaccia style dough which is the oldest most universal form of pizza dough. This crust was designed to emulate the process and results of the original pizzerias.

Thin Crust - Hands down, the best thin pizza crust available. 1/4" (6mm) in thickness. We start with a very rich formula and fresh yeast, then press it to form, dock and bake directly. Tender with a smooth, melting finish.
Thick Garlic & Butter pizza crusts are created by using a rich formulation that includes a hint of garlic flavor and an infusion of butter flavored shortening flakes.
Thin Garlic & Butter pizza crusts are created by using a rich formulation that includes a hint of garlic flavor and an infusion of butter flavored shortening flakes. 3/8" (9mm) in thickness, this crust finishes with a crispy bottom.

Multi-Grain - Multi Grain crusts provide a fresh approach for today’s consumer. We use a seven grain blend flavored with chopped garlic and basil to create a pizza crust that proves you don’t have to give up taste and texture to provide a healthy alternative. A favorite for those creating innovative dinners.

Whole Grain - Our Whole Grain crusts are very similar to our Extra Thick crusts with the added benefit of whole grain, . Light and flavorful with an added hint of garlic. Another healthy alternative that provides a good source of fiber.

Gluten Free - Our Gluten free pizza crusts are so popular that many customers prefer them over those products made with wheat flour. We have carefully formulated this product to provide a great alternative to those requiring or choosing a gluten free diet.
Deep Dish - Our most popular single-serve pizza crust. Everyone can create their own pizza with these individual sized crusts.

We really enjoyed Rizzuto's pizza crusts, especially the Thin Garlic & Herb pizza crusts. We loved how thin and crispy the crust came out and really complimented our toppings of cheese, sausage and mushroom. We've also enjoyed the Thin Crusts for some pepperoni pizzas we also made. After taste-testing these 2 kinds of crusts, we plan on having another pizza party real soon using these crusts. They make it easy and friends will certainly enjoy topping the crusts however they want. Thanks to the folks at Rizzuto's, they are sponsoring this week's Sunday Fun Day Giveaway so one lucky reader will receive a complimentary pizza kit of their choice to throw a pizza party too!

Some guidelines:
- Giveaway is only for those who live in the United States - my apologies to my non-United States readers!
- You must check back in a week when winners are announced and email me to claim your prize if you win.

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