Brunch Book Exchange

Why are there only 24 hours a day? Or probably a better question to ask is, why is it that all the things I want and need to do can't be done within a 24 hours period?! So much has happened since my last post (mid-August) so here I am yet again to catch things up (sorry mom & dad!)

A couple days after my last post, I hosted a Brunch Book Exchange with fellow moms. It's an ongoing event where moms and kids come over to enjoy breakfast/brunch, followed by a book exchange. This first event of this series was great because it was with moms I've already met before and live nearby. There were 4 of us moms and a total of 6 kids. The amount of folks was perfect for the sit down brunch I hosted. We had a little buffet of various egg benedict fillings, allowing everyone to create their own. I recreated it after a "brinner" event I hosted because it works perfectly for a brunch date too.

After our brunch, we enjoyed each other's company while watching our kids play. Then it was time to exchange books! I loved this aspect of our get together because it's new books to read - both for our little ones and myself. I asked fellow moms to bring a children's book and a cookbook they'd like to swap. In doing this, moms were able to check out some cookbooks while the kids got new children's books. It was a win win for everyone!

I'll be hosting these breakfast book exchanges monthly and already for September there's a waiting list. I initially wanted up to 10 moms along with their kids, but after having 4 moms and 6 kids at our first event, it's a better idea to keep it small and manageable. Since August's brunch book exchange highlighted eggs benedict, for September, I'll be providing a doughnut bar. Guests will be able to help themselves to a variety of homemade doughnuts which they can frost and top with a smattering of fun ingredients (different frostings/glazes, sprinkles, nuts, etc.) I'm excited to make doughnuts for the event so it should be fun!

I wish I had taken more pics during this event aside from the food/table, but with 6 kiddies around me, it was quite a challenge. I'll have to practice taking more pics during our little foodie events so I can share them!

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