Kitchen Playdate: Hello, Cupcake!

This month's Kitchen Playdate was a fun one! Fellow Cookin' Mamas and their little ones joined me in the kitchen (er, dining room) for some cupcake decorating. For this event, everyone brought plain baked cupcakes to decorate. I provided everyone with a decorating kit to use/take home (which included a pastry bag and various decorating tips) and also had a spread of 5 different frostings (marshmallow, buttercream, cream cheese, peanut butter, & chocolate), a buffet of sprinkles, color gels and a whole lot of sugar!  To help inspire our creative side, I had a few cake and cupcake decorating books that we flipped through.

But the funny thing is, after we all got started, we really took off and had so many beautiful decorated cupcakes before we knew it. The hardest part wasn't so much decorating but getting the kids to be patient enough before devouring their share of cupcakes - frosted or not!
Here are some of us mamas getting our cupcake decorating groove on...

And our delicious little masterpieces when we were all done!...

This was a ton of fun and it's just too bad that Joel knocked out and missed the fun right when we were getting started. It was probably for the best since he was being fussy that morning anyway. If you're looking for a sugar rush with moms and kids alike, hosting a cupcake decorating party will do it!

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