Thanksgiving 2011: Are You Ready?!

Two weeks is all you have until Thanksgiving... Are you ready?! This year I'm going to be both hosting and attending Thanksgiving parties with family. On my family's side, we're all about the appetizers and eating small bites through the day leading up to Asian {Filipino} inspired Thanksgiving dinner. On my husband's side, they're all about doing a family potluck with a combination of traditional American Thanksgiving dishes. The unique thing about my in laws is that a few of our extended family members and my husband will be celebrating their birthdays the week of Thanksgiving. That said, it will be quite a celebration of birthdays and the holiday. However, before we celebrate our own blessings, I plan on volunteering at a local soup kitchen to celebrate with my local community. Besides, everyone deserves a hot cooked meal everyday and especially on Thanksgiving!

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  1. It sounds like you have a very full week coming up soon! Can't be too upset about all that good food.

    Do you think I would be totally crazy to try and pull of a Thanksgiving meal this weekend?? Jesse has to go back to China before T-day :(

  2. Jessica, if anyone can pull it off, it would be you! I think if you scale it down, it's definitely manageable! Although {boo} for Jesse having to go back to China. If we lived closer, I'd totally have you over for turkey day! Do you have plans for Thanksgiving while he's away?

  3. I think I'll have the same people over and do something not traditional, like enchiladas or lasagna. If I were in Chicago I would totally take you up on it, too! :)