Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

It's the Chinese New Year and my little guy is all dressed up for the occasion. Regardless of whether you celebrate it or not, I hope you have a year full of wonderful, delicious eats! There's no better way to get into the spirit than with some Chinese inspired meals this week. I know we'll be enjoying some of our favorite Chinese dishes to celebrate, will you? Here are some ideas to ring in the Chinese New Year along with some I've shared in the past...


  1. Awe he is adorable! Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. I know eating children is frowned upon, but JOEL IS SO CUTE I COULD EAT HIM UP! :)

  3. JUST SOME CLARIFICATION ABOUT THE "CHINESE" NEW YEAR: NOT!!!! This is for real been mistaken recognized by most Americans. This IS the LUNAR New Year, go by the moon cycle, the first day of the first moon (of the 12 moons) is the NEW YEAR, and it is ABSOLUTELY NOT only celebrated by the over-populated Chinese - The LUNAR New Year is celebrated by many countries in Asia. Thank you.