One Pot Wonders... Part 2!

At the tail end of December 2010, I shared '10 One Pot Wonders' which captured my favorite one pot meals up until that point. Now that another year has gone by, I have another 10 more to add to that list! As a busy single mom who's working full time and still finding energy caring for a rambunctious toddler these days, one pot meals are a wonderful thing to make dinners so much easier! Here's my list of more One Pot Wonders... Part 2!


  1. There are a lot of really great ideas in this post! I love it when I don't have to dirty a ton of dishes.

    Have a great weekend, darlin'!

  2. So helpful for those busy nights!

  3. It is going to be busy. I love the foods and this are the foods that we are eating and it is a great collections.

  4. I love your blog!!! Such great recipes!
    What an admirable thing that you make sure your child gets a homecooked meal every day! You're truly amazing!