12 More Crockpot Recipes for Stress Free Meals!

Crockpotting... Is this just a popular cooking phase or is it here to stay? I've noticed a huge spike in interest online, among family and friends and in random foodie discussions with folks about crockpotting, or cooking with a slow cooker over the past few months. What gives?! Could it be the ease of cooking without actually being in the kitchen? The use of less energy and lower costs in plugging in versus firing up? The quick preparation of recipes? Whatever the reason, I'm all for it. I love my crockpot/slow cooker and apparently many folks agree or at least are warming up to the idea of using a crockpot/slow cooker more often. I've gotten several requests from folks for more crockpot recipes that don't include cream soups and go a little beyond the usual crockpot fare. Last year I shared  a few favorite crockpot recipes and here are 12 More Crockpot Recipes for Stress Free Meals that are worthy of making again and again!...



  1. Thanks for these Crockpot recipes. It is always nice to have a stress free meals like these.

  2. Just looking at the Apple Cider Glazed Pot Roast. Can this be assembled as a freezer-friendly meal?

  3. @Anonymous - I would place everything except the vinegar in a gallon sized freezer bag and freeze uncooked... then when you're ready to cook, defrost/thaw out the bag and place in a crockpot with the vinegar. Continue to cook as directed in the recipe here: