Papaya Cream

Friends and I celebrated the new year and a special birthday at a popular Brazilian Churascurria restaurant a few months ago. We were stuffed from our meal but that didn't stop us from trying the Papaya Cream - a favorite dessert in Brazil. This dessert combines fresh papaya with cool, creamy ice cream to create a sweet ending to the meal. So when it came to figuring out what Brazilian dessert to end my recent Brazilian Carnival Dinner with, there really was only one option. Papaya Cream...

This Papaya Cream is just a simple papaya smoothie of fresh papaya and ice cream. The traditional way to enjoy Papaya cream is with a bit of Creme de Cassis mixed in and a tablespoon or two to top it off. I opted to skip the Creme de Cassis and it was still delicious. It's such a quick and easy way to end the meal... and is perfect for any Latin inspired dinner or even a tropical feast! Even my son couldn't get enough and that means there will be more Papaya Creams in the near future...

Papaya Cream
recipe from Maria Brazil

1 ripe papaya
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
1 tbsp. Creme de Cassis (if alcoholic, or omit)
1 sprig of mint for garnish (optional)
Peel papaya and remove seeds, chop into bite sized pieces. Transfer papaya to a blender and pulse to break down. Add ice cream (and Creme de Cassis if using) and blend until smooth and incorporated.

Pour mixture into a serving dish or serving glass and garnish with mint. Serve immediately.


  1. Next to the meat at the Brazilian steak houses, this is my favorite thing. I've also had it made with mango and with strawberries :-)

  2. I'm not sure if I've ever had papaya but now I'm wondering when I can get up to Whole Foods to pick one up!