Monday, April 30, 2012

Freshii... Eat, Energize

Restaurants come and go... and for many of us, it may not even phase us. We may have fallen comfortable knowing that there will be a new concept, a new food trend, a new something that will grab our attention soon enough. But what happens if the new, chic, hip, cool thing to do is to focus on the basics or the simple things. Did I lose you? Well stay with me. Or better yet, seek out the nearest Freshii location near you.
What is Freshii? It's a 'health-casual' restaurant that everyone must visit at least once. From one visit, you will be able to appreciate the thoughtfulness this restaurant has for their food, their patrons and also their environment. First off, their food is fresh, clean and healthy. There's truly something for everyone - meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and even those who are gluten free like me {Score!}. You can find a colorful, healthy menu of wraps, salads, burritos, rice bowls and soups that are not only delicious but good for you. To make healthy food more interesting, their menu draws from various cuisines like Thai, Indian, Mediterranean and many others, incorporate flavors that a make the whole dining experience even more interesting. In a nutshell, Freshii is all about providing fresh and nutritious meal choices to the masses.

Now that you know about their menu, the restaurant has a motto of 'Eat. Energize.' :
We aim to provide fresh and nutritious meal choices that energize people on the go. We want to emphasize the foods you should eat more of and less on those you should avoid. We want to provide meals and snacks that help you live your best life. Think: fibre- rich, slow-burning carbs, essential fats and lean proteins. We also live by our Mission Green. We're taking a stand and want to be good to the earth by eliminating traditional industry staples: excess packaging, heavy energy consumption, and greasy processed meals.

Freshii is extremely thoughtful about what they do, how they do things, and how their actions affects the world around them. I absolutely love their stance on Mission Green where they take into account how they impact our environment and what steps they have taken to be more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.

So focusing on the basics of healthy food options that's delicious good for you, paired with doing the simple things with causing excess waste is the new, chic, hip and cool things to do. And Freshi is where it's all at! During my recent visit, I had the Wrangler brown rice bowl, which had brown rice topped with corn, black beans, cabbage, jack and cheddar cheese, green onion, pico de gallo and a creamy BBQ sauce. It was delicious and I'm anxious to try the other menu items very soon! With 50 locations all over the country, I hope you get a chance to visit a location and enjoy their offerings.

Full disclosure: The above restaurant information and a Freshii gift card were provided by General Mills and I used the Freshii gift card for a complimentary meal to one of their Chicago locations and was not paid for a positive review. All thoughts noted here are based solely on my experience and the opinions expressed are all my own.

I'm giving away a $50 gift card to freshii which is good at any of their national locations. Leave a comment on what menu item(s) you would order! [] A winner will be chosen at announced on our Facebook page tomorrow, May 15!