Summery Fruit Punch

What's your favorite hot summer drink? My tastes have changed over the years and these days, non-alcoholic drinks are my best and safest bet. With a little guy running around, he won't hesitate to have a sip of "mommy's juice" especially when I'm not looking! When I was looking for some punch recipes, I came across this Summery Fruit Punch that caught my eye. A mix of fizzy ginger ale, tart cranberry juice, sweet pineapple juice and bright orange juice makes for a colorful and refreshing drink on a summer day...

This could be made as is or if you want, add a splash of vodka or even limoncello to this punch for the 21 and over crowd. The orange- pinkish hue is bright and festive to liven up any summer party!

Summery Fruit Punch
recipe from Cooking Light

4 cups ginger ale
3 cups ice cubes
2 cups pineapple juice, chilled
2 cups orange juice, chilled 
2 cups light cranberry juice cocktail, chilled 
1 lime, sliced 
1 orange, sliced 

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher. Serve immediately.


  1. mm, Very cool recipes for this summer good this post:)

  2. This looks light and refreshing!! I have it on my to do list! Happy to be part of the Gluten Free Global Community with you!