Fire Up for the Fourth with a Ribfest!

Around this time of year, Chicagoland is gearing up for ribs... and lots of it. Many rib festivals take place both in the city and suburbs to highlight the best of the best of ribs, which is a pretty broad spectrum to begin with. There's wet rubs, dry rubs, smoked, unsmoked, differences in techniques, secret spices, cuts & types of meat and all sorts of magic done by those participating in rib competitions. For me, I'm not picky when it comes to ribs. They just have to be finger-lickin' good because a proper rib doesn't require any utensils! For the Fourth of July celebrations this year, why not fire up the grill and have a ribfest of your own. Need suggestions or ideas on how to prepare them? Well, you're in luck... here's just a handful to get your ribfest menu started!


Need more? Check out my rib collection from last year!

10 Finger Lickin' Good Rib Recipes

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