Sunday, March 17, 2013

PopChips & Autographed Jillian Michael's Book Giveaway!

So we're already past the middle of March. For some, the new year's resolution of healthier eating and active living may be a distant memory. For others, spring break is another reason to keep those resolutions going! I know I've got a couple spring getaways planned in the next few weeks and I hope to be sporting a bathing suit... confidently. So what tips and tricks help me to stay on track? I've taken the advice from an expert, celebrity nutritionist and author, Jillian Michaels. Below are some of her simple rules that have helped me to stick to healthier eating and living to get me ready for bathing suit season...
1) Make a resolution…and keep it. Resolutions shouldn't be something you wait for so resolve to do it and resolve to start now!
2) It’s all about balance. Eating three balanced meals (every four hours) with a snack between lunch and dinner is key. Reach for a healthier snack like carrot sticks and hummus, fresh fruit, or curb salty cravings with tasty snacks such as Popchips or almonds and dried cranberries.
3) Just because it’s not fried, it doesn’t mean it’s not delicious! If you are in the mood to nosh, replace fried potato chips with a healthier alternative that still will satisfy that salty crave. Popchips are a great and my favorite snack option! they taste delicious and have less than half the fat of fried chips and only 100 calories in the single serve bag.
4) Grab a buddy. It’s a fact that you will achieve greater success when you have the support of those closest to you. So get your friends together to support each other in being healthier in 2013.
5) Create healthier alternatives to your favorite fried foods. Opt for cooking methods that use little or no fat such as steaming, grilling, baking, popping, broiling or roasting. You can still make these items taste great with the right seasoning! Have a weakness for fried chicken? Instead take skinless chicken breast cutlets, cover them in egg whites and a crushed up cereal like cornflakes, and bake. Same great taste and more than half the calories and fat.
I'm a big fan of PopChips, particularly because they taste great {with 12 different potato flavors and 4 tortilla flavors) and they are gluten free too! I've partnered together with PopChips to offer a delicious giveaway of a ONE MONTH SUPPLY of POPCHIPS.... and a SIGNED COPY OF JILLIAN MICHAEL'S BOOK, SLIM FOR LIFE!

To get in on this, leave a comment below with your favorite healthy snack! This giveaway opportunity will run all week and a random winner will be determined on Sunday, March 24th. Good luck and keep up the healthy mindset...summer is just around the corner!