DOLE Taste of Spain Tapas Cooking Party!

Taste of Spain is a culinary tribute to the colors, flavors and passion of Spain and Spanish tapas cuisine. It combines a national promotion with captivating new Spanish-influenced recipes, serving suggestions and summer entertaining tips designed to spark salad lovers’ creativity, imagination and culinary “ole.”

I've partnered up with DOLE to host a Spanish Tapas party, who provided a wonderful accompaniment of delicious and fresh salads along with some festive decor and all this week I'll be featuring recipes we created including:

We all had a wonderful time preparing the menu in our kitchen. Here are some great shots of us at work...

DOLE Salad Kits were also part of our menu and they offered some great freshness to complete our meal. These salad kits are perfect for the summer and works well with any culinary theme you decide! Special thanks to all the wonderful folks at DOLE who provided a great package to share for our Spanish Tapas Party. They generously provided aprons, a serving dish, a tapas cookbook, recipe cards, hair clips,  and tote bags in addition to a slew of salads to enjoy. 

Be sure to come back all this week for recipes of our delicious Spanish Tapas meal!

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  1. A Cuban party and now a Tapas Party? This is definitely the summer of Spanish influence! Perfect for the season.