Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camping Recipes Roundup & Camping Cookware Giveaway!

Summer is a popular time for folks to get outdoors, be with nature and camp! I personally have not camped out in the wild in a tent, but I hope to cross that off my list soon. One of the reasons I haven't is because I wasn't sure how I'd handle meals. Sure, I could pack up food made in advance or rely on food that doesn't need much refrigeration, but I can only take so many sandwiches in a day lol. Thankfully, I have some great foodie friends who have reminded me of some camping meals. In fact, there are some great camp friendly recipes I definitely need to check out and add to my list!

So with camping recipes in hand, what else should I pack for my outdoor kitchen? That's where my friends of Dupont Teflon helped me out. They sent me a Bugaboo Camper Cookware Set to review just as I was planning my upcoming outdoor excursion. This Bugaboo Camper cookware set is fully equipped to meet the needs of a four person family camping adventure. It includes fun color-coded insulated mugs with lids, bowls and plates which will prevent mix ups at the campsite. They're made from lightweight and flexible food grade polypropylene plastic and they're easy to pack, stack, and store. As for the cookware, it comes with a 2L pot with lid, a 3L pot with lid, a fry pan, a pot gripper/collapsible handle and a waterproof carrier that doubles as a sink or wash bin. The cookware pieces have a Teflon® Classic nonstick cooking surface which help speeds up cleaning and resists scratches.

Honestly, as I unpacked the cookware set I was already impressed. I'm surprised how all the pieces fit nicely into a single pot. This just goes to show how well designed the cookware is, making it an effective and efficient item to include in your camping gear. But how does it do while in use? I have yet to use the cookware over a life outdoor fire, but I did test it on my gas stovetop. It worked perfectly. I made scrambled eggs in the fry pan and also boiled potatoes & made mashed potatoes in one of the saucepans. Everything came out perfectly and the pieces were really durable. 

Aside from camping, I thought this set would also be great for those going away to college. With servingware and cookware all included, any college student can appreciate this set. As the school season is fast approaching, I would recommend this product for any college bound student. I know I would have appreciated this when I was in college!

So there you have it... this Bugaboo Camper Cookware set is highly recommended! And becuase I'm such a fan, the folks of Dupont Teflon are offering up a set for a lucky reader. If you'd like a chance to own one of these for yourself, please leave a comment with a camping tip or favorite camping food. A winner wil be randomly chosen and announced on Sunday, August 4th so comment away - Good luck!

In the meantime, here are some camping recipes fellow foodie friends have generously shared with me. Check out their recipes by clicking on the recipe titles and enjoy viewing the other tempting dishes on their sites!

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