Keep it Sweet Desserts {Review}

Sometimes we just want to be a kid again... well, at least I do! When I hosted a Milk & Cookies Party for Joel and his friends awhile back, it allowed me to feel like a kid again and I'm sure the other moms in attendance felt the same way. Just taking the time to enjoy something as simple as milk and cookies {or any baked good for that matter} really tugs on your inner child.

To make my party special, I had a little bar area of fresh cold milk with some chocolate, vanilla and strawberry syrups, complete with straws and mini milk bottles for everyone to drink from. With the milk bar set, I decided to save time from baking cookies and instead, featured the wonderful baked goods of Lauren of Keep It Sweet Desserts. 
Lauren is a fellow food blogger turned bakery owner of Keep It Sweet Desserts. She sent me a delicious package of treats from her bakery just outside of NewYork City for my guests to enjoy at the party. It was quite a package which included...

Triple Chocolate Cookies. These are perfect for a true chocolate lover as this rich and chewy chocolate cookie is loaded with milk and dark chocolate chips.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. If you can't decide between a peanut butter cookie or a chocolate chip cookie, you can have both all wrapped up in one! These are chewy cookies with a slight crisp edge, thanks to the delicious peanut butter cookie base.

KISD Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies. Die hard chocolate chip cookie fans won't be able to resist these. I loved the chewy texture along with the hints of butterscotch flavors. It really is the perfect chocolate chip cookie!

Peppermint Patty Stuffed Triple Chocolate Cookies. Mint and chocolate are wonderful together but this cookie pairs it even better. It's part candy, part cookie but overall it's just so good...

Black & White Blondies. These are bars chockful of white and dark chocolate chips, which has also been named as Best Blondies on the East Coast by the Today Show!

Sadly I don't have any pictures of my party because when I'm surrounded by a room food of toddlers hyped up with sugar and milk, it doesn't leave me much time to think about grabbing my camera and snapping pics! But I can say that everyone - kids and parents alike - enjoyed all the of amazing treats Lauren provided. She's got something for everyone in her menu and aside from how delicious everything was, the packaging was adorable. That said, her baked goods make a great gift to send friends, family or even folks in the workplace! Check out Keep It Sweet Desserts for additional goodies available and it might help to bookmark her site for the upcoming holidays and even birthdays you'll be celebrating in the future!

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