The Baron's Hot Dogs with Cheese & Bacon

Welcome back from the weekend! I hope you enjoyed the time and are now ready for the new week ahead. I had a busy weekend, but it was definitely fun. I'm actually extending the weekend by taking the day off today. Today is the Baron's birthday and if you know me, I love birthdays... especially those of loved ones. The Baron is no exception and as a result, I'm dedicating today's post to him. Many many months ago, the Baron wanted to make dinner for Joel and me. He made these Hot Dogs with Cheese & Bacon. For months, he asked when I'd feature his dinner on my site. And for months, I told him it would be featured... soon. Weeks passed, which turned into months. His dinner was always pushed off for another day. But not today. Today is the day where the Baron is going to shine and his domestic skills are being shown off! For this dish, hot dogs get upgraded by being stuffed with cheese and crisp bacon. Forget the bun and just focus on what really matters - the hot dog...

There really isn't much to the recipe because it's exactly as the title states. It's straightforward and any hot dog, cheese and bacon loving individual can appreciate this. But what's not reflected in the above picture is the accompaniment of cottage cheese and tomatoes. The Baron is a big fan of cottage cheese and tomatoes... while I am not. However, for those that do enjoy the combo, the Baron highly recommends pairing these fantastic hot dogs with them. Oh, and according to him, the proper meal must also incorporate potatoes, hence the golden tater tots you see above.

The verdict? Both Joel and I loved the dinner we had served by the Baron... but not as much as we love him. Happy Birthday Baron! May you bask in the sheer enjoyment of having your hot dog creation shared within the interwebs... xoxo

The Baron's Hot Dogs with Cheese & Bacon
recipe lovingly prepared by The Baron

hot dogs [your preference of kind, brand, etc]
cheese [American slices, preferred]
bacon, cooked [1-2 slices per hot dog]

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

In a medium saucepan filled with water, boil the hot dogs as directed on the package. When cool enough to handle, cut each hot dog lengthwise to open up, but do not cut all the way through.

Cut the American cheese in half and place inside the hot dog to cover. If using shredded cheese, place as much as desired to fill.

Top the cheese layer with the cooked sliced bacon.

Bake stuffed hot dogs in preheated oven for 5-7 minutes or until cheese has melted.

Remove and serve hot with tater tots, cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes.


  1. That is so cute!
    Happy birthday, Baron!

    (see my husband's early attempts - he's gotten miles better, but I did feature this one back in 2010)

  2. Happy Birthday to the Baron! In my area we have "Tijuana Dogs" which are hot dogs wrapped in bacon and then cooked

  3. Simple and cute recipe!!! Looks delicious!!

  4. This looks amazing the cheese has me - anything with a nice bit of cheese one me has me drooling :) x

  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    A simple recipe, looks good.

  6. I have a few peeps that are obsessed with hot dogs and bacon. This is perfect for them! Yum!

  7. See a traditional Philadelphia food called a "Texas Tommy"; Split hotdogs filled with cheese and wrapped with bacon. Many of us ate these at our parents' table in the 1950's and earlier!