Cake Boss Bakeware at Michaels {Review}

It's baking season and if you're like me, you're scoping out recipes to try, bakeware to purchase and tools to use in the kitchen to make this year's baking even better than ever! One place I go for my bakeware needs is Michaels. I was there recently to get some inspiration on fall decor and took a peek in the bakeware aisle. That's when I got a chance to check out Cake Boss, a new line of baking products offered. There were several baking items available that are "Buddy approved" and were designed in close collaboration with Buddy Valastro, the star of TLC's hit television series "Cake Boss."

It turns out that The Cake Boss made it's national debut at Michaels stores around the country a couple weeks ago with a plethora of items to easily bake, decorate and serve cakes and other desserts that look like they came straight of Carlo's Bakery. Some key new products that are available at Michaels include:

* Specialty bakeware, such as "Groovy Girl" Molded Cookie Pan, made of solid carbon steel with durable nonstick to bake a dozen perfectly shaped cookies at a time without using cookie cutters;

* Specialty bakeware, such as "Groovy Girl" Cakelette Pan to conveniently bake six mini cakes using one heavy gauge, carbon steel nonstick pan;

* Deluxe bakeware, such as an innovative10x15-inch Cookie Pan with drop zones stamped into the baking surface for uniformly shaped cookies every time;

* Beechwood baking tools with handsome wooden handles and flexible silicone red heads, including a Spatula imprinted with a favorite Buddy catchphrase, "Devoted to Dessert";

* Decorating tools, such as a 10-Piece Fondant/Gum Pate Modeling Kit to make decorating with fondant a snap;

* Fondant tools, such as a 13-inch Acrylic Rolling Pin in "Swirl" pattern to easily emboss a delicate pattern on fondant prior to draping over cakes, cupcakes and other treats.

I received a 6-cup nonstick Flower Cakelette Pan from the folks at Michaels so I could test it out and feel like celebrity baker, Buddy Valastro even for moment lol. After a fun afternoon baking with my son, Joel, we agreed it was a great pan that can be used to make a little cake to celebrate the little things... like picking up all the toys from the floor, a perfect fall day to go bike riding together, or just enjoying the time spent reading a favorite book. Joel and I will definitely get much use from the Flower Cakelette Pan in the future. It also has me interested in checking out the other products in the Cake Boss bakeware line!

The next time you're thinking about baking, considering stopping over your local Michaels Store to check out the new Cake Boss bakeware line. You can also view online videos feature Buddy Valastro and his Cake Boss products at Feel free to also follow Michaels via their Facebook Page and Twitter [@MichaelsStores] for sales and promotions too!

In fact, a week from today, on Saturday, September 28th, Michaels stores around the country will be hosting a special 'Cake Roulette' event from 10 am - 12 noon. 

You'll get a chance to take a spin on their oversized ' I Love to Bake' Cake Roulette. Each spin corresponds to a particular new Cake Boss product that will be displayed and presented at the event. You can also receive a complimentary recipe card associated with the product presented! So visit your local Michaels store next weekend!


  1. Those look fun! Thanks for the post - I like to see the new bake items at Michaels, too!

  2. I've been seeing the Cake Boss stuff at Michaels for quite some time now. I wondered how they stack up in the kitchen!