Popcorn Lovers... Unleash those flavors!

My family loves popcorn and we always like having it on hand. Might I even mention how The Baron makes the best stovetop popcorn there is? Although we love our popcorn plain and seasoned with a touch of salt or even with the occasional melted butter, sometimes I crave some interesting flavors - both sweet and savory. Do you have a favorite popcorn flavor or way you enjoy popcorn?
Being a Chicagoland native {despite being a Canadian citizen lol}, I love supporting local businesses and there are plenty here in the food industry. The Popcorn Factory is a local company in the north suburbs of Chicago that specializes in... popcorn. I've ordered holiday gifts from them previously and have been a fan of their popcorn factory store so they are a great company with amazing treats I highly recommend.

So this October is National Popcorn Month and to celebrate, The Popcorn Factory wants to give folks a chance to pop up in Popcorn history by creating the next flavor from the Popcorn Factory AND win $500!

My friends at The Popcorn Factory have asked me to be a 'Pop-Captain' for this contest and I'm recruiting YOU, my readers and those in my social media networks, to be on my team. There are a handful of teams participating but I know YOU may have the winning popcorn flavor! Are you up for the challenge?!

So what's involved? Well if you have a popcorn recipe or flavor you think should be available to the masses, you just need to submit your would-be popcorn flavor via Facebook. Click HERE to access The Popcorn Factory Facebook Page and submit your popcorn flavor recipe. Your recipe should incorporate their Butter, Cheese or Sea Salt Slim popcorn as their base flavor... but the sky's the limit in building from those flavors to create a unique flavor that's all your own!

Be sure to indicate you are on the What's Cookin, Chicago Team that referred you... and note that The Popcorn Factory will accept entries until Friday, September 27, 2013 at 5:00pm Central Time. 

At that point, The Popcorn Factory's Master Popcornologist will select the three finalists to participate in the finale event - The Popcorn Factory Flavor-Off in Chicago on Thursday, October 10th! The three Flavor Finalists will be announced on Monday, September 30th - I'm hopeful someone from the What's Cookin, Chicago team will be one of them!

The Popcorn Factory Flavor-Off will then take place on Thursday, October 10th here in Chicago from 1:30pm - 3:00pm. The three Pop-testant/reader finalists will be invited to prepare their delicious recipes on site and all ingredients needed will be ready and waiting for them to use. There, Pop-Captains and the Master Popcornologist will vote for the Grand Prize Winner.

So what do you get? The prizes being offered for this pop-tastic contest are pretty great. For one, the Grand Prize is $500! And... your winning popcorn flavor will be created for the masses to enjoy. You'll even receive 10 sample packages of your winning popcorn flavor to share with family and friends once it's ready!

First Prize is a $250 gift card and the Second Prize is a $100 gift card to The Popcorn Factory... which you can enjoy all for yourself OR share the love just in time for the holidays!


  1. I am so into playing with popcorn now. This week we tried French Toast Popcorn. Next weekend is Maple Bacon Popcorn!

  2. This is our favorite popcorn recipe! I swear by it and it is always a hit!

  3. Katharine, the link you posted goes to a page with pictures of how to make the Brown Butter Sage Popcorn but the link in the paragraph on that page to go to the recipe is broken. Says, "Page Not Found". Do you have the recipe you could post here or provide another link to it. Would like to try it. Thanks.