10 SOUPer Bowls of Delicious Warmth...

Snow. That is like the S-word I fear hearing this time of year. Supposedly we got some flurries overnight but I'm thankful there's no visible trace of such thing this morning. With weather like snow enters conversations, I want nothing more than to stay indoors. It's great to have snow if I don't need to drive in it! And should those snowfalls come, I hope to be warm and snug with a big pot of soup cooking away. Continuing on with comfort foods this week, today I'm focused on soups. 

Every kitchen should have one solid pot and I prefer a good dutch oven. They are sturdy, and withstand high temps allowing it to be used both on the stovetop and in an oven, and well, just think of all the wonderful meals you can create in it! I'm a huge fan of Anolon cookware and I use my stainless steel 5-quart covered dutch oven quite a bit. It's not quite as heavy as their enamel coated cast iron cousins, which makes handling and cleaning a breeze. Everything from soups, roasts and daily meals can me prepared in it so I definitely use it often. 
With the professional-quality Anolon Tri-Ply Clad Stainless Steel 5-Quart Covered Dutch Oven, making delicious gourmet-class dinners at home has never been so enjoyable. Boil pasta for penne primavera showcasing tomatoes and zucchini freshly picked from the garden. Or, create a steaming batch of bison chili to ward off the chill of a winter night. The cookware's durable three-ply construction features an aluminum core between layers of stainless steel for excellent, efficient heat distribution all the way up the sides of the pan. This cookware is suitable for use on all stovetops, including induction, and the polished, sophisticated stainless steel exterior is easy to clean. Comfortable, stylish handles are dual riveted for strength, and the deep-seated coordinating stainless steel lid seals in heat and moisture for a clean, professional look and performance. The cookware is dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup and oven safe to 500°F. Like all the durable, versatile pots and pans from the Anolon Tri-Ply Clad Stainless Steel collection, this Dutch oven is a great addition to every home kitchen.
Going back to soups, do you have a favorite one you enjoy making? I've shared 10 great soups below but if you need some additional ideas or inspirations to put a twist on familiar favorites, check out this book, The Soupmaker's Kitchen. It's full of wonderful recipes, often using what you already have on hand and utilizing your ingredients to their maximum potential leaving little to no waste!

How to Save Your Scraps, Prepare a Stock, and Craft the Perfect Pot of Soup 
Soup is more than just a recipe. There is almost an art behind making soups and stocks. And making your own stock will save money, reduce kitchen waste, and with fresh ingredients will simply taste better. By learning how to organize your kitchen and cooking processes to use every part of your ingredients, you will also be extracting the most flavor and nutrient value from your food. 
THE SOUPMAKER'S KITCHEN (Quarry Books, July 2013, $24.99 US / $27.99 CAN) by celebrated cookbook author and chef Aliza Green is a cook’s complete guide to making soups, broths, potages, minestra, minestrone, bisques, and borscht. Learn how to set up your kitchen to use your ingredients most optimally—from saving vegetable scraps for stock to tips on freezing finished soups. Explore more than 100 soup recipes – plus variations on each – from all over the world, and in every style ofsoup you might want to eat. Recipes include:
  • Hungarian Woodlands Mushroom Soupwith Sour Cream and Paprika
  • Tuscan Pappa al Pomodoro
  • Senegalese Peanut and Yam Puree with Ginger
  • Provencal Soupe au Pistou with Savoy Cabbage, White Beans, and Leeks
  • Wild Salmon Chowder with Sweet Corn & Gold Potatoes
  • Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken CoconutSoup)
  • Cream of Cauliflower with Nutmeg and Chives
  • Kerala Red Lentil Soup (vegan)
  • Vietnamese Pho Soup with Beef Brisket
  • Caribbean Callalou Soup with Crabmeat and Coconut
With a strong foundation in stocks included, THE SOUPMAKER’S KITCHEN is divided into chapters based on major soup families, such as clear broth-based soups, bisques, stews, chowders, and more. Each chapter includes an introduction, several delectable recipes, and invaluable tips to aid you in the process.

Here are 10 SOUPer recipes that will surely warm you as we head into the colder months. These can be made in a dutch oven or any good soup pot you have on hand. Enjoy the warm these bowls will bring!...

Spicy Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

White Chicken Chili

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Guinness Beer Soup

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  1. We've been doing soup every week - even without the snow!