NetFlix: Stream Team March Update!

So last month, I was asked to be part of Netflix's 'Stream Team' where I get to share shows we've streamed for our family. It's been a great addition to our evening routine and aside from the various tv shows we watch, we have access to so many other shows and programming that we can all share and enjoy together as a family. With Joel being so young, I'm careful not to expose him to a lot of tv shows but with the Netflix streaming program, I've been able to find some programming that are educational rather than children shows that just simply entertain.

Joel is such a Thomas the Train fan and to help him watch other programming aside from his Thomas episodes, he recently got hooked on a show called Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. At first, I wasn't sure what to make out of it... but after getting sucked in, I found it to be entertaining, educational and Joel used some of the vocabulary and teachings from the episode into daily conversations. It's a cute little show and Joel likes it so much, he's decided that he wants to make it a theme for his birthday party this year. That said, he and I are in birthday planning mode and we're having a lot of fun in the process.

As for me and the Baron, we love factual food based shows and I got turned on to the series, Mind of a Chef, on PBS. It's a show that stars a chef and is narrated by Anthony Bourdain (a favorite of the Baron and mine). The show incorporates travel, cooking, history and science - all things both of us really enjoy. We've gotten through most of the first season of the show and we look forward to watching the second season once it's available for streaming.

So far our streaming is a great family activity and can't wait to see what other programming we'll watch next!

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