Happy Monday! Easter Weekend Recap 4/18 -4/20

Happy Monday! This past weekend was a relaxing one with no real major events aside from being domestic and enjoying the Easter holiday with family. It was a gorgeous weekend and spring has finally given us warmer temps and sunnier days to take advantage of. Friday, we didn't do much aside from having dinner out at a local Mexican place, followed by frozen custard for dessert and then getting home in time for another episode of Kitchen Nightmares. Yep... we really party it up when the weekend hits lol. We weren't too impressed with the 2 back to back episodes this week, but eh... it was always good to see Gordon Ramsey calling out restaurant owners on things that could be improved.

Saturday was spent doing some spring cleaning in the garage and domestic chores around the house. But the highlight was definitely the tradition of coloring Easter eggs with the Baron's family. This year we had just over 2 dozen to color and decorate. I love how creative we get in coloring the eggs! Our mascot is 'Bruce', as shown here:

Easter Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and we were surprised by a generous Easter Bunny. This was what we woke up to, just outside Joel's bedroom door...

And when the lucky recipient woke up, he was nothing but all smiles, as the rest of us were too. He got some toy golf clubs, perfect to take to the putting green with the Baron. And in his basket, Joel loved his chocolate bunny, jellybeans, m&m candies (his favorite - how did the Easter Bunny know?!) and a special t-shirt he could wear for his birthday. The Easter Bunny must be really smart since Joel's birthday is coming up and this year's birthday theme is one of his favorite shows, Bubble Guppies. The Baron even got his favorite Reese's peanut butter eggs and I got a lovely vase of colorful tulips...

Later in the day, we visited the Baron's family and it was time to search for the Easter eggs we decorated the night before. Joel did a great job finding 21 if the 25 eggs hidden all over the house and as a reward, he came across a creative basket left for him by the Easter Bunny. This basket was filled with some fun toys and more candy!

Then after the fun Easter Egg hunt and a sugar rush, it was time for a few rounds of golf with these fellow golfers...

Dinner was delicious as always. We feasted on a traditional Easter ham, scalloped potatoes, steamed asparagus, harvest salad, garlic & herb dinner rolls and for dessert, a fresh berry salad a la mode. I wish I got more pics of our dinner, but it was so good, we didn't want to wait to dig in! Here's a 'selfie' of me and Joel as we're practicing how to take them together. Clearly, we need more practice lol! Here's hoping you had a wonderful weekend yourselves and a great week ahead!

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  1. Joelen:

    It's a good thing you didn't reveal Bruce's last name. :)