NetFlix: Stream Team April Update!

It's amazing how quickly the month has flown by! With all the fun and busy things going on in our family this past month, we've at least managed to spend some quality time together enjoying some quality programming through our Roku 3 and Netflix! With Joel being so young, I'm careful not to expose him to a lot of tv shows but with the Netflix streaming program, I've been able to find some programming that are educational rather than children shows that just simply entertain.

I recently had a parent teacher conference for Joel and was happy to hear how well he's doing at school. His teacher has noticed how much Joel loves to read. Aside from reading together after dinner, one of the shows he enjoys watching on Netflix is Super Why! The show involves characters reading a story together, focusing on spelling, alphabet letters, rhyming words and overall comprehension. Each story has an educational moral and throughout the show, viewers are encouraged to participate and get involved in the reading and problem solving tasks. Joel enjoys it a lot and has used what he's learned into reading and problem solving on his own.

As for me and the Baron, we are huge Anthony Bourdain fans. One of his current shows include Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. This is an travel and food show on CNN which premiered last year in April. In the show, Anthony Bourdain travels to non touristy places and/or highlight less known sites and food of a particular place. The show's third season started up on April 13th and prior to the new season, we were able to watch the past 2 seasons on Netflix to get us geared up! 

So far our streaming is a great family activity and can't wait to see what other programming we'll watch next!

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