Spring Filipino Fiesta Recap!

After spending some time overseas in Philippines with family this past November, I also took some time to work with a few local restaurant chefs to deepen my love of Filipino culture and cuisine. As a result, I recently hosted a special 'pop up' dinner highlighting some of the most popular Filipino dishes. It was the first pop up dinner I hosted in years... and I remember how much fun it was! So many family and friends came out to support me and I'm so thankful for their willingness to learn about the Filipino culture through food.

We had a great turn out and filled all the seats to capacity! I had a fun time preparing and hosting, along with some of my closest friends who helped out. Here are some pics of the event, including the menu I prepared:

Brie with Calamansi Jam & Crackers
Fresh Mango Salsa with Camote Chips
Guava Glazed Chicken Wings
Toasted Garlic Cashews
Four Seasons Cocktail
Pineapple Spritzer Cocktail

Kare Kare
slow roasted beef oxtails in a rich peanut sauce with
braised eggplant, long beans, and baby bok choy;
served with sweet shrimp paste 
Lechon Kawali
crispy, wok-fried garlic pork belly;served with banana sauce, traditional liver sauce and pickled papaya salad
Chicken Adobo
soy & vinegar braised chickenwith carmelized onions, garlic and peppercorn;
served with spring onions, cherry tomatoes,sweet shrimp paste and egg
Pancit Palabok
thick rice noodles tossed in a savory seafood shrimp sauce;
garnished with crushed pork rinds, spring onions, chopped egg, 
and steamed lemon shrimp 
Lumpiang Shanghai
crispy rice paper rolls stuffed with savory ground beef;
served with sweet chili sauce 

Maja Blanca Maiz / Sweet Corn Pudding
creamy coconut milk pudding studded with sweet corn
 Bibingka / Sweet Sponge Cake
tender cake made with rice flour, coconut milk and eggs;
baked in fresh banana leaves
 Tropical Cupcake Trio
flavorful and colorful cupcakes, capturing the flavors of the tropics

Because of the amazing response to the dinner, I'm hosting another one for the summer months. In June, we're having a 'kamayan' in which the presentation of the meal will be unlike any other! For this dinner, the tables will be lined with banana leaves. A river of garlic fried rice will flow down the middle of the table and the following menu will be served on top... and then we eat! Guests will be shown/taught how to 'kamay', or eat with their hands in the traditional Filipino style. 

The summer menu is a bit different than our spring menu in that it is more reflective of summer dishes and popular street foods. The menu items for summer include foods that are easy to eat by hand without the use of any utensils... besides, it's more fun to eat with your hands! It's a fun and tasty event we're looking forward to hosting - get more details and/or sign up HERE!


Sisig Lettuce Wraps
Toasted Garlic Corn
Dalandan Citrus Cocktail


Sinigang Shooters
sour tamarind broth garnished with a stalk of steamed baby bok choy 

Longanisa Links 
native Filipino pork sausage with hints of garlic & onion

Adobo Prawns 
soy & vinegar braised head-on prawns with carmelized onions, garlic and peppercorn;
served with spring onions, cherry tomatoes, sweet shrimp paste and egg

Java BBQ Beef Sticks
tender beef kabobs glazed with a sweet Asian bbq sauce

Lumpiang Shanghai
crispy rice paper rolls stuffed with savory ground beef; served with sweet chili sauce 

Cucumber Mango Salad
slices of cucumber, red onions, cherry tomatoes & fresh mangoes
tossed in a ginger & soy dressing

DIY Halo Halo Station
the Filipino version of Hawaiian shaved ice, in which you can customize to your tastes
with a variety of tropical fruit mix ins, topped with ice cream 

Mango Flan 
delicate egg custard infused with mango and laced with caramel

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