4 Steps to Creating a “Semi-Homemade” Fourth of July Pie!

No Fourth of July celebration is complete without pie and my friends at Baker's Square would love to help you have a delicious upcoming holiday! Bakers Square has been serving award winning pie in the Midwest for more than 40 years so they definitely know their stuff!

If you're thinking of your July 4th holiday menus, you'll definitely want to make sure pie is on the dessert list! Having a pie to serve isn't quite as hard as you think. In fact, there are only 4 steps involved. Read on for details...

Step 1:
Buy {or enter to win!} an award-winning pie from Bakers Square. Popular Fourth of July options include: Country Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Fresh Strawberry and many more. Browse pies and reserve yours online at You can also win one by commenting below with your favorite summer pie you'd like to enjoy for the upcoming holiday! A winner will be chosen on Friday, June 26th and will have a Bakers Square gift card sent to you!... Good luck!

Step 2:
For double crusted pies, adding a personal touch is easy with the addition of a few fresh ingredients. Start by spreading whipped cream (store-bought or homemade) over the top of your pie. Next, arrange fresh blueberries and raspberries in a decorative pattern over the top of the cream for a red, white and blue work of art. 

Step 3:
For pies such as Bakers Square’s Fresh Strawberry pie that come already topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, set up a D.I.Y. dessert table with an array of fixings such as ice cream, chocolate sauce, fresh fruit and even crumbled cookies. 

Step 4:
Hide the Box! The last and most important tip for creating a semi-homemade pie is to throw out the box. You don’t want lingering evidence that you didn't actually bake it yourself!


  1. Great tips, Joelen! I'd love to try the new white chocolate key lime pie!

  2. I would love a classic apple pie!

  3. French Silk Supreme! It's my fave