Resto Review: Rock Bottom Brewery

We love our share of dining out and despite knowing about Rock Bottom Brewery, I've never dined there until recently. My initial thought after visiting the Chicago location was what took me so long?! 

Rock Bottom Restaurant and Breweries are polished casual dining establishments featuring excellent service, high-quality, moderately priced food and a distinctive selection of micro-brewed and specialty beers served in a comfortable, hospitable atmosphere. The Rock Bottom menu features a wide variety of items ranging from classic favorites like Ball Park Pretzels and Brewery Nachos, to innovative dishes like Classic Mac ‘N Chicken, Beer Battered Fish and Chips, and Bacon Cheddar Burger. Rock Bottom operates in 18 states from coast to coast.

They often have great promotions running at any given time on top of their amazing menu offerings. So I'm already looking forward to my next visit to check out what fun dishes they will be featuring soon. On our recent visit, we were in between menu promotions but that didn't matter as their standard menu was full of so many amazing dishes to be had...

We kicked off our weekend lunch with a flight of their brews... which they do exceptionally well. We enjoyed 6-7 different beers that each had a distinct flavor with something for everyone:

Brewmaster's Choice - Equal parts mad scientist, renaissance artist and beer geek, each of our Brewmasters imparts his or her own signature into every beer we brew. Sometimes that means crafting our core line up of flavor profiles with remarkable consistency and precision. And sometimes, that means giving them the freedom to create outstanding, unique flavors that you just won't find anywhere else. That's where the Brewmaster's Choice comes in. Straight from the imagination of your local Rock Bottom Brewmaster, you'll find anything from hefeweizens to oatmeal stouts to pilsners and everything in-between, all expertly crafted and intended both to meet your expectations of excellence and challenge your assumptions about what a great beer can be.

India Pale Ale - India Pale Ale came to prominence in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, as the East India Company managed exports throughout the British Empire and the bold flavor became a favorite of merchants and sailors. Our Rock Bottom IPA is brewed from hand-selected Yakima hops, and carries a bold, citrus flavor for dedicated beer lovers.
OG: 15° Plato ABV: 6.5% BU: 60
KolschKölsch Ale originated in Cologne, Germany. While the name "Kölsch" (or "Koelsch") came to light in 1918, the beer itself is rumored to stretch back over six centuries. True Kölschs must abide the strict guidelines set forth in the Kölsch Konvention, an agreement between the members of the Cologne Brewery Association. Rock Bottom's award-winning Kölsch recipe gives you a bright, straw-yellow hue, and has a prominent, but not extreme, hoppiness. It is less bitter than standard German pale lager, and great choice for craft beer newcomers. OG: 11.3° Plato ABV: 5% BU: 20
Red AleTechnically a pale ale (which makes it a kissing cousin to an English Bitter or our very own Rock Bottom IPA), our Red Ale is indeed full of robust crystal hop flavor, but with a bold, toasted malt profile that makes it substantially less bitter. OG: 13.5° Plato ABV: 5.7% BU: 38
White Ale - For this award-winning witbier, we use coriander and orange peel instead of straight hops to impart a unique citrus spice over a slightly sour body. The technique stretches all the way back to Medieval time, and the orange and coriander gruit has become the standard identifier for a Belgian White. Rock Bottom's award-winning White Ale is handcrafted on-site by each restaurant's expert brewmaster to his or her exacting tolerance and preference.  OG: 12° Plato ABV: 5.3% BU: 11

Specialty DarkThe boldest beers we brew, often based on seasonal or hard-to-find ingredients. Expect a range of porters and stouts, even the occasional dark English brown ale. While the selection varies, we'll always have something on tap to knock the socks off of dark beer lovers at every location.

Fall Off the Bone BBQ Ribs - These ribs were tender and literally, falling off the bone! Perfect with one of the brews, this is a delicious way to start the meal.

Chorizo Stuffed Pretzel Bites - These pretzel bites are stuffed with a mild chorizo and garnished with cotija cheese, served with a chipotle cheese sauce.

RB Sangrita and Mexican Mojito - They're not shy about the fact that the Rock Bottom experience begins with our expert Brewmasters and their hand-crafted beers. But believe you-me, their bartenders are experts in their own right, and their always putting their mixological skills on display with a selection of custom cocktails and specialty mixers to surprise and challenge you. 

Mini Fish Street Tacos - A delicious seafood starter with a costa del mar flavor. You get four authentic mini street tacos, filled with our fresh grilled tilapia and tomatillo salsa,then topped with avocado, shredded cabage, salsa roja, mexican crema and crumbled farmers cheese.

Mini Barbacoa Beef Street Tacos- Traditional Mexican street food just hit Rock Bottom. Start your meal with four authentic mini street tacos, stuffed with our juicy tequila-lime marinated steak,then topped with avocado, shredded cabage, salsa roja, mexican crema and crumbled farmers cheese.

RB Ale Chicken - Marinated chicken breast, pan-seared and oven-roasted with portobello mushrooms and our own ale demi-glaze, served over white cheddar mashed potatoes with seasonal vegetables

Smokin Jalapeno Burger with Mac & Cheese - Chipotle mayo, jalapeno butter, pepper jack cheese, fresh sliced jalapenos, cold smoked roma tomatoes. Treat yourself to the best mac and cheese in the history of food. Start with big al dente macaroni noodles smothered in our special blend of melted cheese. Toss in hearty chunks of our roasted chicken and finish it off with parmesan bread crumbs for crunch. This Rock Bottom staple is heaven in a bowl. And you've just got to try it with one of our handcrafted beers.

Lobster & Shrimp Enchiladas - Blue corn tortillas filled with sautéed lobster, shrimp, sweet and spicy peppers and topped with green chili cream. Served with salsa roja and tomatillo salsa, black beans and red ale rice.

Salted Caramel & Toffee Mason Jar - Toasted graham cracker crumbs and salted caramel sauce in a mason jar, topped with two layers of creamy cheesecake custard, graham cracker crumbs, heath bar toffee bits and topped with vanilla wafers, whipped cream and more toffee bits.

Raspberry & Chocolate Mousse Mason Jar - Brownie bits and raspberry coulis layred into a mason jar then topped with our housemade chocolate mousse, raspberry sauce, fresh whipped cream, chocolate shavings and fresh mint.

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