Ted's Montana Grill {Review}

Patrick and I had visited our friends out in Denver earlier this month. While there, I had a chance to try some dishes made with bison, a game meat that is much more intense with beefy flavor and so tender. When we got back, I couldn't stop thinking about bison and where in Illinois/Chicagoland I could enjoy it. Well, the answer was easy.... Ted's Montana Grill. This restaurant was not far from us and we had never gone before so it was fun to experience what the restaurant had to offer.
The menu was pretty straightforward and the star is their bison burgers. By featuring the biggest bison menu in the world, Ted’s Montana Grill has made bison a popular menu choice today in dining, providing incentive for ranchers to actively grow their herds. We were given some bison to sample, just to taste the difference and it as pretty clear... the flavor of bison is a clean and intense flavor of beef. It's not as fatty but even with bison being leaner than beef, it wasn't dry. Ted's Montana Grill definitely knows how to make bison shine!

We kicked off our dinner with onion rings. What we were served were clearly the biggest onion rings I've ever encountered! They were huge sweet vidalia onions dipped in buttermilk, seasoned and then hand-breaded in a fine cracker crumb before frying up to a golden brown. They were served with a horseradish sauce and were so crisp and flavorful without falling apart like many other onion rings I've tried. One order will easily feed a table of 4 and its certainly an appetizer you shouldn't miss!

We didn't have any difficulty deciding on what to order - bison burgers, of course! They offer a few different ones on their menu - 18 to be exact - and there is something for everyone. I went with their Avalon Burger, which consisted of Gruyere cheese, blue cheese, bacon caramelized onions, roasted garlic aioli and baby arugula. This burger was so flavorful with all the toppings complimenting it perfectly. The burger was served with seasoned fries, which were also very good!

Patrick also had a bison burger and opted for their Blue Creek burger. This burger was topped with blue cheese and bacon, with lettuce, tomato and onion on the side. Also served with seasoned french fries, this was a solid, delicious burger as well.

And just went we thought we were full, we were given a dessert menu. But who could resist even taking a look at dessert regardless of how full you may be? Patrick and I certainly couldn't lol. Before long, this appeared on our table. Could this be the tallest strawberry shortcake I've ever seen? Most likely. And as we continued to laugh and eat, we were surprised that the shortcake was pretty much consumed. Oink.

Overall, our meal and service was outstanding. I'm thankful that good, quality bison burgers are closer than I previously thought and I don't have to hop a plane to go to Denver for one! With 45 restaurants over 16 states, you don't have travel far for one either! I highly recommend a visit to your nearest location when you get a chance...

And while you're there, take part in Ted’s Montana Grill’s social media contest, Ted’s Burger Selfie! In celebration of National Bison Month in July, Ted’s is giving fans the chance to win the grand prize of a Big Green Egg! Click here to enterThe contest is running now through August 11th - good luck!

-Love your Ted’s burger? Prove it. Snap a photo while enjoying your burger with #TedsBurgerSelfie
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