Event Recap: Halloween Costume Party 2015

October certainly whizzed right by! Last weekend, we ended the month with a Halloween party where friends and family came over with costumes. It was such a fun night and we had a great time over a ghoulish spread. If you're already thinking of some ideas for next year, here's a few things to consider...

Cheesehead Cheeseball
prepared by my friend Kathy

Mummy Dogs
Strips of croissant dough wrapped around jumbo Vienna beef hotdogs

Ghoulish Goulash (aka Chili) Bar
with assorted toppings, corn chips and cornbread

Witches Skins Salad
Apple chips, cinnamon pecans, cashews, dried cranberries 
gorgonzola cheese & spring mix with a Fuji Apple vinaigrette
Also in the foreground were Bat Wings (aka chicken wings) 
and Stuffed Cocoons (Italian sausage & cheese stuffed jumbo shells)

Rotten Apple Pie
(not really rotten lol)
layered Honeycrisp apples with an oatmeal crumble topping,
served with salted caramel topping and vanilla bean ice cream

Jeepers Jello Shots & Green Goblin Juice 
the punch bowl is a mix of pineapple juice, ginger ale & lime sherbet
(and adults love the Green Goblin Juice with a splash of Malibu Rum!)

Not shown above but also on our menu was a Booger Dip (spinach, artichoke and water chestnut baked dip, served with crackers).

Aside from the great spread, we all enjoyed everyone's costume! Here's a sampling of the creative outfits that made an appearance...

Spiderman & Sheriff Callie 

Minnie Mouse, Sheriff Callie & Minion

OSHA Inspector, who gave multiple violations throughout the night lol

Chicago Bears Coach

My brother, as himself in a robe lol

Me, as Spider Mom

Some others not pictured were Big Mac & Fries and an OSHA inspector trainee (as a result of receiving too many violations for arriving without a costume!) Overall, a fun and festive night and we're looking forward to next year's themed Halloween costume party!

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