Honey Cornbread Fritters

I absolutely love Thanksgiving because it's the biggest food event of the year! This is the time where I am in heaven with recipes because there are so many ways to enjoy popular Thanksgiving ingredients. One in particular is cornbread. There's cornbread muffins, cake, croutons, stuffing, etc... the various ways it can be served is endless! And to add another to the list is my recipe for Honey Cornbread Fritters. Not for calorie conscious, but definitely for the flavor minded! With help from my friends at Krusteaz, these Honey Cornbread Fritters are made by combining honey cornbread mix and sweet corn which is then fried up to perfection!...

We are huge fans of Krusteaz mixes at home, not only because they are easy and delicious time savers in the kitchen, but because they allow you to be creative too! The recipe is simple - combine Krusteaz honey cornbread mix, milk, eggs, melted butter and a can of sweet corn. Even with this recipe, you can add other ingredients to make it your own. Maybe some cheese? Fresh herbs? Whatever you decide, feel free to play around with add ins or enjoy the recipe as is. These are wonderful for the holidays or for any time throughout the year!

Get the ingredient list and full recipe over at Krusteaz's website here!

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