Pie Dessert Bar with Bakers Square

We're down to the wire and Thanksgiving is a mere 4 days away! Have you planned, shopped and geared up for this year's feast? In our family, Thanksgiving is spent with my in laws and Patrick's aunt and uncle are our gracious hosts. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or attending as a guest, why not serve/bring a pie to share? Besides, what's Thanksgiving with a pie?! In fact, my friends at Bakers Square and I partnered up to share how your Thanksgiving dessert table can be a quite the hit with their popular pies.

We love their pies and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to showcase a variety of pies as a sweet ending to the big meal. Picking up some pies at your local Bakers Square not only assures an awesome dessert to share but such a convenience to save you time and effort! Why not pick up a few pies and set up a Pie Dessert Bar for your guests this year. With nearly 30 pies to choose from, you'll find something to please every palate. Some of our favorites from Baker's Square include:

Caramel Silk Supreme

Built layer upon layer starting with caramel and pecan, then a supreme filing, a layer of delicious French Silk and topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, and pecans.

Country Apple

Sweet, crisp apples seasoned to perfection with delicate cinnamon
make this award-winner an unforgettable treat.

Harvest Pumpkin

There's a secret to making a pie this tasty. It's the filling. We make ours from the finest
ingredients and spice it just right. The result: a seasonal favorite that's loved year-round.

Vanilla Cheesecake

Built from the bottom up with a tasty crust of crushed graham crackers
and made complete with our rich, baked vanilla cheesecake filling.

Once you have your pies, present them on cake stands of varying heights to create depth and visual appeal. Staggering the pies on the table makes it more interesting too, as opposed to lining them in a straight line.

Now that you have your chosen pies displayed, think about some additional ways to elevate them. Offering a variety of toppings, sauces, or even flavored whipped cream makes this a fun dessert table. The different options allows your guests to customize their slice of pie to their tastes and gives them the opportunity to be interactive too. I have fresh whipped cream flavored with maple syrup, caramel sauce, buttery toffee bits, mini chocolate chips and Bakers Square's Triple Berry sauce on my dessert bar. Some combinations to jazz up the pies could be...
  • Caramel Apple Pie = Apple Pie + Caramel Drizzle
  • Double Caramel Silk Supreme = Caramel Silk Supreme + Caramel Drizzle
  • Maple Toffee Crunch Pumpkin Pie = Pumpkin Pie + Maple Whipped Cream+ Toffee Bits
  • Triple Berry Chocolate Chip Cheesecake = Cheesecake + Mini Chocolate Chips + Triple Berry

So have fun with dessert this year and let Bakers Square help make it easier by picking up some of their amazing pies for your own Pie Dessert Bar! Like this idea? Pin the image below!

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