Happy National Shortbread Day!

We're not even a full week into the new year... and someone decided it would be a good idea to declare January 6th as National Shortbread Day. I know some folks are probably thinking along the lines of kale, fruit smoothies and quinoa salads this early in the year, but for those who can appreciate shortbread cookies, today is your lucky day! In honor of the national day for shortbread, here are some dessert recipes incorporating shortbread cookies, contain a shortbread crust or a variation of the classic shortbread butter cookie... Thankfully pictures of the treats are calorie free :)

Samoa Cookie Bars

Taking inspiration from the ever popular Girl Scout cookie, these bars have all the same flavor in bar form! Speaking of which, when will Girl Scout cookies available again?!

Fresh Peach Shortbread Tart

This tart uses a shortbread crust and you can easily substitute fresh peaches with apples or any other stone fruit!

Another tart recipe with a shortbread crust here... inspired by a refreshing cocktail! This one just might make you forget we're in the middle of winter lol...

{GF} Key Lime Cheesecake Tarts

I especially like these tarts because they involve using a gluten free shortbread cookie!

Caramel Banana Pie with Shortbread Pecan Crust

Tired of tarts? Here's a pie with a shortbread crust for a twist on the classic banana cream pie...

Raspberry Lemon Shortbread

Jazz up the plain shortbread with some jam! The lemon shortbread can be paired up with other jams such as blueberry, strawberry or even cherry...

If you are still clinging to the holidays, this colorful shortbread is all about being merry and bright!

Espresso Shortbread Cookies

Don't let my old dark photo fool you. These are melt in your mouth delicious and the added espresso gives it a great flavor. I love these with a nice hot cup of coffee...

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  1. I love shortbread. Thanks for reminding me of so many possibilities.