June Classes - Open for Registration!

We've been quite busy lately and our summer season of culinary classes is ramping up! And with that, it's the perfect time to share the wonderful platform that I use for my classes - Dabble. I've been working with Dabble since the fall of 2011 and the past few years have been nothing short of an amazing opportunity to share my passion and skills while encouraging others find their own through food.

Dabble is a site that allows you to learn new things, teach others about whatever you are knowledgeable about and even host a class to help promote your business or venue space. The affordable and wide range of classes really allow you to pursue your interests, meet new people and have fun in the process. Dabble's online marketplace has allowed me to offer unique in-person classes and experiences for students to learn about culture and cuisine. They may be a growing startup...but they currently have over 2,000 teachers and 50,000 Dabblers on board with classes being offered in numerous cities across the country. Some classes offered through Dabble include:
As an established Dabble instructor here in Chicago, I'm excited to share the classes I offer through Dabble and as a What's Cookin, Chicago reader... you'll receive a 20% discount towards any Chicago Dabble class you sign up with using THIS LINK! The classes we'll be teaching next month include the following...

Sushi Made Easy

Aloha! Mai Tai Mixer

Filipino Fiesta Kamayan

Paella & Sangria Party

We hope to have you in our kitchen and join us in creating some culinary adventures! And if you're unable to make our kitchen studio classes, we're happy to bring the culinary adventures to you with our private events. We'll create a custom menu, bring all the ingredients and equipment needed while you gather your friends and family... and together we'll create some culinary adventures of our own. Contact us directly for details and to book your culinary adventure with us:
Phone - 773-991-6550

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