Mixed Berry Bundt Cake

Brinner has been a big favorite at home with our busy schedules. It's been such a life saver to have breakfast for dinner especially on those busy nights where my husband and I are juggling things for work, school, kid activities and even squeezing in some gym time. What once was considered eggs, breakfast meat (sausage/bacon) and sweet breakfast breads (pancakes/waffles/muffins) for brinner has now evolved into something even more special. And for those special brinner moments, we have cake!

On a typical brinner night, my son asked why pancakes, waffles or muffins are usually served for dessert. He caught me off guard because he had a point. Why have I only offered pancakes, waffles or muffins? When I asked him what he preferred instead, he happily shouted, "Cake!"

So I made a cake. A pretty good cake, I might add. And in keeping with the brinner theme, this particular cake is made using muffin mix along with fresh berries. Krusteaz products are a favorite pantry staple in our home because of the variety offered in their product line and the ease in creating something delicious quickly without too much time and effort. I especially love that it gives me and my family an opportunity to do something together... like make a cake. Sweet life moments in the making always put a smile on our faces...

You can get the recipe by visiting Krusteaz and while you're there, check out all the other great recipes available for all their products!

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