Holiday Gatherings & Wine Etiquette 101

Between November and December, I'm busy hosting my fair share of holiday gatherings. From Friendsgiving, to Holiday Cookie Swaps, our Annual Prime Rib Throwdown, it's a lot of planning and execution to ensure my guests are enjoying themselves and I'm keeping my sanity with a smile. Aside from hosting, there's also quite a few events I attend as well for work, social groups and organizations and even friends and family who are hosting. With all the social engagements, there's going to be a need for wine!

As we plan on celebrating the holidays this week and into the new year, here are some great wines on Modern Day Wine Etiquette from Daniel Post Senning, great-great grandson of Emily Post, I thought they were helpful and thought I'd share!

Daniel Post Senning’s Five Tips for Modern Day Wine Etiquette

  • Start by planning on serving half a bottle of wine for each guest, and adjust based on your knowledge of the group.
  • White wine should be held by the glass stem or base to avoid warming the chilled wine with your hand. Red wine is served at room temperature, so the glass may be held at the bowl.
  • Offer to pour wine for others before you pour for yourself.
  • Fill wine glasses to their widest point.
  • When gifting or serving, remember that expensive does not necessarily equal excellent. Find a bottle of wine that you feel reflects your lifestyle, and would trust to serve to any guest. Chateau Souverain is a great example; rooted in more than 70 years of California history, the winery offers three varietals of distinctive, high-quality wine, all for under $20. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Now that we got the wine etiquette figured out, what about that table?! Daniel also has a really helpful table setting guide, complete with pictures so you can set it properly and for the type of gathering you're having (formal vs informal.) 

Here's to getting ready for those holiday gatherings you may be hosting or attending! For more great tips and etiquette advice, check out Daniel's website with links to the above information.

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