Instant Pot: Chile Con Carne

This weekend is something I'm looking forward to. Aside from the Superbowl, my husband and I will finally have a much needed weekend to ourselves! I especially enjoy our weekends because it gives us a chance to test out more Instant Pot recipes. The Superbowl is just an added bonus since he's such a sports fan. We thought about having folks over to cheer alongside us as we watch the big game, but we decided against it at the last minute. We really do need to take advantage of a quiet, relaxing weekend at home. That said, I've been debating on what Superbowl recipes I can whip up for us to enjoy. What Superbowl spread is it without chili?! This Chile Con Carne is perfect for the big game. Big, bold flavors, lots of meat (no beans here!) and a slew of toppings for garnish is how we're doing it. The best part of it all is that it will be on the table in 15 minutes or less!

This recipe was originally intended to be made in a slow cooker or crockpot. I've been testing out my archived slow cooker recipes for the Instant Pot with much success and will continue to share them for the month of February! Who knew the Instant Pot could do so much. Hope you stay tuned and for February, I'll be featuring new Slow Cooker or Crockpot recipes with directions to prepare in your Instant Pot...

Instant Pot: Chile Con Carne
recipe adapted from Cook's Illustrated

4 slices bacon or fatback minced, browned and reserved
6 to 8 medium yellow onions, chopped
1/2 cup minced garlic
2 tablespoons ground cumin
2 tablespoons ground coriander
3 pounds beef, diced or coarsely ground
3 pounds pork, diced or coarsely ground 
4-5 chipotle peppers in adobo 
1 15oz can of diced tomatoes
1/2 to 3/4 cup masa harina, toasted; or yellow cornmeal
32 ounces of beef broth/stock
kosher salt to taste

For garnish/toppings:

sour cream
shredded cheddar cheese
thinly sliced green onions

In your Instant Pot:

Plug in the IP with insert set in place.

Add bacon, onions and garlic; sauté until bacon crisps up and onions soften. 

Add the cumin and coriander, stirring to coat the onions and garlic. 

Add the beef and pork in batches and brown.

Add the beef stock to deglaze the pot, scraping up the bits from the bottom of the pan.

Add chipotle peppers and adobo sauce, diced tomatoes and salt; stir to incorporate.

Secure the lid of the IP and ensure the valve is set to SEALING.

Press MANUAL and adjust the time to 10 minutes on HIGH pressure.

The display will reflect ON while the IP comes to pressure. Allow a few minutes for your IP to come to pressure.

Once at pressure, the display will reflect 10 (the number of minutes you initially set) and will begin to countdown to 0 minutes.

When the IP beeps after pressure cooking for 10 minutes, allow your IP to naturally release pressure for 10 minutes. While naturally releasing pressure (also known as NPR or NR), the display will reflect numbers counting up from 1. The numbers indicate how many minutes the IP has stopped cooking since it beeped (or how many minutes it has been naturally releasing pressure).  No need to touch your IP while it naturally releases pressure.

When the display reflects 10 (which is 10 minutes since the IP has beeped), turn the setting on top of your IP to VENTING. Doing so allows the IP to quickly release pressure (also known as QPR or QR). I use a wooden spoon to carefully turn the setting to avoid close contact with the potential steam. You may also want to turn your IP away from cabinets to allow the released steam to escape freely. The pin at the top of your IP will drop when all pressure has been released and it's safe to open.

Open up your IP when the pin has dropped (allow a few minutes for this to happen).
Stir in the masa harina or cornmeal and allow it to get incorporated to thicken the chili, about 2-3 minutes.

Using a ladle, scoop up your chili and serve as is or over your favorite short pasta (macaroni or shells).

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