Instant Pot: Sticky Wings

Appetizers are one of my weaknesses. I can easily make a meal out of appetizers and after a long day, sometimes enjoying various appetizers are just as enjoyable as a traditional dinner. Hands down, chicken wings are my favorite appetizer and I don't think I can ever get sick of them. Besides,  since it's March Madness week and my husband suggested  making wings for dinner. These Sticky Chicken Wings are coated and pressure cooked with a sweet and savory sauce before getting broiled for a nice texture. These are definitely finger-licking good!...

For this dish, I prepared parts of the recipe in advance to save on time. I combined the sticky sauce with the chicken in a gallon sized storage bag. Then I prepared the glaze and kept that in a small storage container. When it was time to make the dish, I just placed the contents of the gallon sized storage bag into the Instant Pot and let it cook. Once done, it was time to broil and I transferred the wings to a prepared baking sheet, glazed them with the prepared glaze I made in advance and broiled away. Having everything prepped as much as possible really makes life so much easier! You can even freeze the contents of the gallon sized storage bag for a future freezer meal. In that case, just defrost the night before and then cook in the morning.

What I love about this recipe is how the wings have a sweet flavor but that kick of heat (if using cayenne) gets you right at the end. They're truly addicting wings and make for a great and easy to prepare appetizer or game day! If you don't have an Instant Pot, you can get the slow cooker/crockpot recipe version here!

Sticky Wings
recipe from Slow Cooker Revolution

1 cup chicken broth
3/4 cup packed dark brown sugar, divided
1/4 cup soy sauce (or gluten free tamari)
2 tablespoons minced fresh ginger
4 cloves garlic, minced
pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)
4 pounds chicken wings or drummettes
Salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup tomato paste
green onions, thinly sliced for garnish

In your Instant Pot:

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. 

Plug in the IP with insert set in place. with 1 cup of chicken broth

To the IP, add 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce/tamari. ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, chicken, salt, pepper and 1 cup of chicken broth. Stir to combine. 

Secure the lid of the IP and ensure the valve is set to SEALING.

Press MANUAL and adjust the time to 5 minutes on HIGH pressure.

The display will reflect ON while the IP comes to pressure. Allow a few minutes for your IP to come to pressure.

Once at pressure, the display will reflect 5 (the number of minutes you initially set) and will begin to countdown to 0 minutes.

When the IP beeps after pressure cooking for 5 minutes, allow your IP to naturally release pressure for 10 minutes. While naturally releasing pressure (also known as NPR or NR), the display will reflect numbers counting up from 1. The numbers indicate how many minutes the IP has stopped cooking since it beeped (or how many minutes it has been naturally releasing pressure).  No need to touch your IP while it naturally releases pressure. The pin at the top of your IP will drop when all pressure has been released and it's safe to open.

When the display reflects 10:00 (which is 10 minutes since the IP has beeped), turn the setting on top of your IP to VENTING. Doing so allows the IP to quickly release any remaining pressure (also known as QPR or QR). I use a wooden spoon to carefully turn the setting to avoid close contact with the potential steam. You may also want to turn your IP away from cabinets to allow the released steam to escape freely. The pin at the top of your IP will drop when all pressure has been released and it's safe to open.

Open up your IP when the pin has dropped (allow a few minutes for this to happen).

Transfer the chicken wings from the IP onto a foil or parchment lined baking sheet.

Combine the remaining sugar, water, tomato paste, remaining soy sauce/tamari and a pinch of cayenne (optional) in a bowl to create the glaze. Brush the chicken with the glaze mixture.

Bake chicken in preheated oven until lightly charred and crisp, about 10-15 minutes. Flip the chicken over and brush with the remaining mixture and continue to broil until charred and crisp on the second side, about 5-10 minutes.

Serve hot and garnish with green onions if desired.

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  1. You need liquid in the pressure cooker or it will never pressurize. This recipe never pressurized the pot. Added a 1/4 c. chicken broth.